Digital Signal Controllers offer 150 MIPS DSP performance.

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Models TMS320R2811 and R2812 contain 20 K words of on-chip SRAM, allowing developers to add unlimited amount of external memory to design via SPI port. They integrate multi-channel, 12-bit ADC to measure system parameters and responses. Additional control and communication peripherals include SCI, SPI and McBSP, PWM, QEP, CAP, and timers as well as CAN 2.0B interface. Units are suited for industrial, automotive, sensing, flow metering, and e-metering applications.

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Texas Instruments New SRAM-based Digital Signal Controllers Bring Increased Design Flexibility and Performance to the Embedded Control Market

TMS320R2811 and R2812 digital signal controllers offer 150MIPS of 32-bit DSP performance starting under $10

HOUSTON (June 30, 2004) - Helping embedded control developers leverage the combined benefits of Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE:TXN) leading digital signal processing (DSP) technologies and microcontroller (MCU) peripherals for applications requiring ultra fast response and precision, TI today introduced the TMS320R2811 and R2812 digital signal controllers for sophisticated control techniques in industrial, automotive, sensing, flow metering and e-metering applications. For more information, please see:

"Many developers depend on the ease of use and peripheral integration of MCUs, yet require the computational performance of DSPs in their control applications. They are often challenged to minimize the number of devices in their designs, thereby compromising performance for integration," said Jennifer Skinner-Gray, C2000 worldwide marketing manager, TI. "With the new R28x digital signal controllers, developers are enabled with 32-bit precision, the flexibility of a broad product portfolio, and the ability to add new features and functionality in their designs."

SRAM Memory and Peripherals Offer Increased Control at Lower Costs
The new R2812 and R2811 controllers contain 20Kwords of on-chip SRAM, allowing developers to add an additional unlimited amount of external memory to their design via the serial protocol interface (SPI) port. The high performance DSP core operates at 150 MIPS for fast program execution, making the R28x generation ideal for applications, like smart sensing and measurement, which need to process multiple interrupts quickly to produce highly precise responses by processing single-cycle, 32-bit multiply and accumulate instructions (MACs). These controllers also feature pin-compatible ROM and Flash versions available in industrial and automotive temperature ranges across three packages, including 176 pin LQFP, 179 pin BGA and 128 pin LQFP.

Designers now have the added flexibility of selecting how memory will be integrated into their systems, which now includes external memory with new R28x controllers. The external memory configuration of the R28x adds additional flexibility with lower silicon costs even in small quantities. Designers also have the choice of on-chip, re-programmable Flash memory or read-only memory (ROM) with the 150 MIPS TMS320F28x(TM) and TMS320C28x(TM) controllers, respectively.

R28x controllers also integrate a high-speed, multi-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to measure system parameters and responses very quickly, meeting the input- and output- (I/O) intensive requirements specific to applications such as precision e-meters and flow meters. Additional control and communication peripherals include SCI, SPI and McBSP, PWM, QEP, CAP and timers as well as a controller area network (CAN) 2.0B interface.

Get Started Today with TI's Hardware Development Tools and Software Libraries
TI's foundation software is organized into modular libraries that are easy to reuse and include optimized, high-precision math and trigonometric functions.

Because R2812 and R2811 controllers are compatible with the C28x(TM) core, designers can utilize the C28x IQ Math Library to either write code directly in virtual floating point or transition from a floating point simulation to virtual floating point source set. Also available today, the R28x eZdsp Starter Kit is a standalone development platform that allows engineers to simulate and test code on R28x controllers to identify and fix design problems at the system level, generating generate efficient code automatically for faster hardware and software development and accelerated time to market.

TI software libraries also include an ezFIR filter design package that is available as The MathWorks MATLAB® script. Additionally, the multi-threading capabilities of TI's DSP/BIOS(TM) kernel help developers partition and maintain real-time applications more easily by making it possible to add features and functionality without disrupting real-time responses. This capability eliminates the need to develop and maintain custom operating systems or control loops, speeding the development process while meeting the level of performance necessary to operate and manage control applications. Prewritten peripheral drivers and starter ware for a variety of motor types, including sensorless field oriented vector control, also help enable smoother, more efficient motor control. By designing with the R28x controllers, embedded control engineers can not only tap into a powerful, easily programmable platform, but also achieve greater control precision by gathering relevant measurement data, making accurate calculations and determining outputs more quickly and efficiently without compromising system space or cost.

Pricing and Tools Availability
Available for $9.11 and $10.63 respectively in 1K quantities, the TMS320R2811 and 2812 digital signal controllers extend the industry's highest control optimized C28x core to eleven code-compatible devices and are available for sampling today. For samples and immediate ordering information, contact your local TI sales office.

To get your design started today, the R2812 eZdsp is immediately available at for $495.

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