Digital Servo Drive accepts resolver feedback.

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DR100RE Series is designed for use with brushless, rotary, or linear servomotors. Digital current loop is 20 kHz and uses Space Vector Modulation switching techniques. Encoder output emulation resolution is configurable for 12 or 14 bit resolution. Drive configuration and tuning is through Windows-based utility using serial RS232/485 communication port. Models are available with supply range of 80 Vdc to 460 Vac, and maximum current output of 15 to 100 A.

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Digital Servo Drive Accepts Resolver Feedback

Camarillo, California...Advanced Motion Controls announces the availability of its DR100RE Series digital drive family. These fully digital drives are designed for use with brushless, rotary or linear servomotors, which utilize resolver feedback. The 20 kHz digital current loop utilizes Space Vector Modulation (SVM) switching techniques that result in higher current loop bandwidth, which is often necessary in high performance motion control applications. This switching technique also provides
lower heat dissipation. The sinusoidal, resolver based, commutation of brushless motors results in the lowest possible torque or force ripple, making these drives ideal for high-precision motion control applications. Encoder output emulation resolution is configurable for 12 or 14 bit resolution. An optional 10 or 16 bit resolution version is also available. Drive configuration and tuning can be accomplished through a graphical and intuitive Windows based utility using the serial RS232/485 communication port. The various digital and analog inputs and outputs can be assigned user-selectable functions. Extensive drive protection and error handling are also fully configurable. Various models are available with supply range of 80VDC to 460VAC, and maximum current output capability in the range of 15A to 100A. Units with AC supply also incorporate a shunt regulator circuit with configurable turn on voltage.

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