Digital Rendering Software aids event arrangement planning.

Press Release Summary:

Utilizing iPad technology, SwankDraw(TM) creates digital renderings of equipment and aesthetic options available utilizing image of actual event location. Incorporating venue layout, dimensions, and elements provides client with idea of potential final arrangement. Drag-and-drop capabilities facilitate adjustments, and layout changes can be completed in seconds. Conserving time and effort, solution minimizes need for drafting multiple renderings or rearranging actual items at event.

Original Press Release:

Swank Audio Visuals Introduces State-of-the-Art Technology, SwankDraw(TM), Revolutionizing the Rendering Process

ST. LOUIS -- Swank Audio Visuals proudly introduces SwankDraw(TM), cutting-edge technology that will revolutionize the creation of renderings.

SwankDraw utilizes iPad technology to create digital renderings of the equipment and aesthetic options available utilizing an image of the actual event location. Use of an actual image provides the client with a better idea of the potential final arrangement by incorporating the venue's layout, dimensions and elements.

With drag-and-drop capabilities, SwankDraw allows for effortless adjustments, permitting Swank employees to easily cycle through graphic depictions of the different options, maximizing visualization of the design. By making modifications on-site with the portable iPad, the client can actively participate in the creation of the rendering, thereby optimizing customization for each event. This facilitates an ongoing dialogue between Swank and the client and ultimately, improved communication between both parties.

Layout changes can be completed in seconds providing immediate results, and with numerous lighting, staging, sets, paneling, furniture, signage and visual monitors to choose from, speed is key. SwankDraw saves time and costs by diminishing the need for multiple rendering drafts or rearranging the actual items at the event. Layouts created on SwankDraw can be emailed to the client, which offers an environmental component by eliminating paper waste.

Positive client feedback has been overwhelming:

-- "SwankDraw allowed me to visualize the possibilities that I never knew an AV company could accomplish."
-- "The Swank team took my vision of what I wanted for my meeting and within minutes I had the design."
-- "I was able to design the room, get it emailed to my boss and receive approval, while still on my site visit."
-- "Talk about taking hotel AV to the next level...SwankDraw is it."

Even more impressive is that the concept, development and design for SwankDraw originated from within the Swank team. Billy "Skip" Hughes, Swank Audio Visual Concierge at the Marriott Westfields near Washington, D.C., created the proprietary meeting room iPad app.

"I created SwankDraw to help the Company move forward," said Hughes. "I feel like it has already accomplished that in a very short time. You cannot imagine how proud I feel!"

With its recent debut in August, SwankDraw already graces the iPads of more than 250 Swank teams across the U.S. and Canada.

"SwankDraw brings an exciting new dimension to event planning by improving the way our clients visualize the occasion," said Greg Diekemper, Swank Audio Visuals' President and CEO. "It amplifies efficiency and enhances the event planning process for our clients, which demonstrates Swank's commitment to delivering exceptional customer service."

Even with SwankDraw's widespread acclaim and welcomed implementation, employees continue to suggest improvements, and Swank elects to employ them.

"We've introduced groundbreaking technology to our industry, but we're not going to stop there," said Swank President Diekemper. "We continue to advance the SwankDraw technology because we are dedicated to innovation and maintaining our competitive advantages. Swank is not content to sit still. We are always looking for opportunities for improvement and ways to better the future."

Founded in 1937, Swank Audio Visuals provides superior expertise, creativity, full-service support and state-of-the-art technology for the hotel, resort, meeting and conference center industry. Provided with a hospitality approach, services include audio, video, lighting, stage design, production, Internet connectivity, webcasting, 3D renderings and more for events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large conventions. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Swank Audio Visuals employs more than 1,400 talented professionals in approximately 375 destination resorts and hotels in 165 locations in the United States and Canada.

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