Digital Refractometer offers 30 programmable user scales.

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Model RX-5000a Automatic Digital Refractometer uses internal heating/cooling mechanism to provide Refractive Index and Brix testing of dissolved solids with accuracy of ±0.00004 and ±0.03%, respectively. It can call up to 30 latest measurements and, with optional DP-62a printer, measurements can be printed out. Unit displays top and bottom limit bar for set control range allowing user to see, at a glance, if measured value is within tolerance.

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RX-5000a Automatic Digital Refractometer

o Internal Heating / Cooling Mechanism
o Constant Temperature Bath Not Required
o 30 Programmable User Scales

The NEW Model RX-5000a (ALPHA) Digital Refractometer, through the use of its internal heating/cooling mechanism, provides the ultimate in digital accuracy and precision for the Refractive Index (nD) and Brix testing of dissolved solids.

Automatic measurement at your targeted temperature
o Measurements can be started without worrying about current temperature.
o Brix and the refractive index at your targeted temperature are quickly displayed.

Constant temperature water bath is not necessary
o Since the RX-5000a has a thermo-module to control temperature, the measurement starts after the sample reaches your targeted temperature.
o Raising and lowering of the temperature are possible in a short time

High accuracy with the latest technology
o High Brix ±0.03% and refractive index ±0.00004 accuracy can be

Up to 30 kinds of user scales are made by this machine.
o Thirty kinds of user scales can be input according to your sample. If 3 points of actual measurement data corresponding to the refractive index are input, the RX-5000a makes your customized scale automatically.

Manual calibration is done at operator's own discretion.
o If the measurement value differs from that of your Standard Liquid or the other refractometer, it can be adjusted.

History function
o The RX-5000a is capable of calling up 30 latest measurements.
o With an optional DP-62a Digital Printer, measurement data can be printed out.

New user-friendly function
o The RX-5000a displays the top-and-bottom-limit-bar for your set control range (tolerance).
o You can see at a glance whether the measured value is within the tolerance.

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