Digital Radio supports IP/Ethernet, serial communications.

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Providing long-distance (50 miles) communications over licensed 200 MHz radio bands, software-controlled MDS SD2 lets users simultaneously deploy IP/Ethernet and serial communications. It supports data transmission with operation from 216-222 MHz in North America and up to 235 MHz in other countries. Featuring FCC authorization, product offers options that let users implement IP/Ethernet, secure AES 128-bit encryption, and multiple protocols on their networks.

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Long Range, High Speed, Simultaneous IP/Ethernet and Serial Communications in Licensed 200 MHz

Rochester, NY - GE Digital Energy announces the MDS SD2, a software controlled digital radio that provides long distance communications over licensed radio bands and allows users to deploy IP/Ethernet and serial communications using 200 MHz. This industrially hardened wireless data acquisition solution supports flexible, reliable, secure and efficient data transmission with operation between 216-222 MHz in North America and up to 235 MHz in other countries. The SD2 has FCC authorization under Part 80, Part 90 and Part 95, and operates in channel sizes of 5 kHz, 6.25 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 25 kHz and 50 kHz. This solution is ideal for a wide variety of data acquisition and SCADA applications such as monitoring and controlling pole-top transformers; reclosers and capacitor banks for utilities; pumps, compressors and flow meters in oil and gas production; and remote PLCs and measurement devices in water, wastewater and heavy industrial markets. The MDS SD2 provides high network availability and reliability to support critical communications to remote assets. This solution dramatically increases network flexibility with options that allow users to implement IP/Ethernet, secure AES 128-bit encryption, and multiple protocols on their networks. It supports a wide array of network topologies over varied terrain and can meet user requirements using less equipment, leading to a lower cost of ownership. Multiple applications can operate on a single network simultaneously, including remote device configuration and data polling. MDS SD2 also includes two serial ports, provides broad coverage over distances up to 50 miles, and supports a low-power sleep mode for solar and battery powered applications. The MDS SD Series of industrial-strength data communications products offer secure, reliable, long distance transmission of data for mission critical applications. The higher transmit power used by the SD to operate in the licensed 200 MHz (MDS SD2), 400 MHz (MDS SD4) and 900 MHz (MDS SD9) frequencies results in a wide area of coverage. The SD's exceptional receiver sensitivity allows for deployment in applications where obstructions, such as trees and buildings, would limit the effectiveness of other wireless devices. MDS SD Series radios can be directly added to existing MDS x710 and x790 systems, providing both "drop-in" compatibility for expansions and replacements, and adding Ethernet support. Get more information on the MDS SD2. About GE Digital Energy GE Digital Energy protects and connects the world's critical equipment to ensure safe, reliable power. It is a global leader in protection and control, communications, power sensing and power quality solutions. Its products and services increase the reliability of electrical power networks and critical equipment for utility, industrial and large commercial customers. From protecting and optimizing assets such as generators, transmission lines and motors, to ensuring secure wireless data transmission and providing uninterruptible power, GE Digital Energy delivers industry-leading technologies to solve the unique challenges of each customer. For more information, visit

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