Digital PWM Servo Amplifiers come in various packages.

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Enabling OEM designers to accommodate range of motion applications, VSA series offers various power ranges and package options: DC powered module, AC powered stand-alone, and multi-axis baseplates. These are designed to drive 3-phase brushless motors, single-phase brush-type motors, and voice coils. Powered from 20-340 Vdc or 80-240 Vac source, products can provide up to 15 A continuous and 30 A peak. Operational modes include 2-phase external commutation, position, velocity, or torque.

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PWM Servo Amplifiers Offer High Reliability in a Variety of Packages

TORRANCE, CA - Varedan Technologies ( has a long history of providing extremely reliable linear servo amplifiers and motion controllers for OEM customers. Following that tradition, their new VSA series of PWM servo amplifiers provide the OEM designers with a family of high-performance amplifiers to suit a wide-range of motion applications.

The VSA series digital PWM servo amplifiers are available in a variety of power ranges and package options, including a DC powered module, an AC powered stand-alone, and multi-axis baseplates. These amplifiers are designed to drive three-phase brushless motors, single -phase brush-type motors and voice coils. These amplifiers can provide up to 15 amps continuous current and 30 amps peak current and can be powered from either a 20-340 volt DC source or an 80-240 volt AC source.

The VSA amplifiers can be set up to operate in a variety of modes, including 2-phase external commutation mode, position mode, velocity mode, or torque (current) mode. Standard +/-10vdc inputs are provided for analog control, or commands can be issued over the serial interface. For brushless applications, the amplifiers can be configured to provide either Field Oriented Control (FOC) or Sinusoidal modulation using a motor mounted encoder.

An on-board DSP provides real-time protection functions that prevent damage to the amplifier in the event of a system fault. A built-in operating system allows setup and storage of all system parameters through a simple serial interface using a USB or RS-232 connection. The user interface can also be used to view all operating parameters in real-time. Non-volatile memory provides storage of the parameters during power off conditions. A front-panel 7-segment LED display provides immediate information about the amplifier's status. User programmable I/O is provided for the user to configure general purpose and dedicated inputs and outputs as needed.

The use of standard, readily available plug-in connectors provides for easy cabling and connection to the amplifiers.

Varedan Technologies designs and manufactures custom and standard motion control products including linear and PWM servo drives, and motion controllers for OEM applications. Visit us on the web at

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