Digital Protocol transfers data at rates to 90 Mbaud.

Press Release Summary:

Using FastWire digital protocol, 10/Series Numerical Controls connect and control remote modules. Synchronization between master (CNC) and FastWire devices is hardware-generated and utilizes a single high speed cable. With up to 64 FastWire devices being treated as memory locations, reading and writing of specific variables of any device does not influence data transfer speed. CNC also auto tunes machines without utilizing external sensors or instruments.

Original Press Release:

OSAI-USA Introduces FastWire Digital Protocol For CNC Data Transfer at 90 MBaud

Bloomfield, CT. June 20, 2003. OSAI-USA has introduced a new digital protocol, FastWire, that permits Osai's 10/Series Numerical Controls to read and transfer data faster, connect and control more remote modules and improve accuracy and productivity for the CNC machine user.

Improved accuracy and productivity for the CNC machine user are due to the performance characteristics of the FastWire protocol. With this protocol, the 10/Series Numerical Control transfers data at 90 Mbaud, which far exceeds other major CNC control manufacturers.

With synchronization between the master (CNC) and all FastWire devices being totally generated by hardware, the interpolation of more axes with a greater accuracy and precision is possible even if the number of FastWire devices increases. The resulting synchronization provides performance higher than previously possible for CNC applications. With up to 64 FastWire devices and each device being treated as a simple memory location, the reading and writing of all the specific variables of any device is possible without influencing data transfer speed.

Connection of the CNC to the FastWire devices-such as Digital I/O modules, Analog I/O modules, Digital to Analog servo "Bridge" and the new OSAI OS³ (pronounced OS cubed) Digital Servo Drives, is all done using a cost effective single high speed cable.

The CNC will also auto tune the machine, reading such variables as electrical power and following error in real time, without any external sensors or instruments.

The higher performance specifications of the FastWire protocol permit CNC machine users to achieve better surface finishes, longer tool life, improved accuracy and greater productivity.

The FastWire digital protocol is enhancing the performance of OSAI's 10/Series Numerical Controls for production machinery including machine tools, woodworking, glass and marble processing, automotive, aerospace, packaging, robotics and factory automation.

OSAI has been producing high speed, precision CNC products for industry ever since inventing these controls as part of Officine Meccaniche Olivetti in 1957. Today OSAI is an independent company with over 50,000 controls installed around the world. OSAI-USA is headquartered in Bloomfield, CT.

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