Digital Pressure Controller provides dual outputs.

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Series 7252 incorporates 2 GE Ruska quartz pressure sensors, each with its own control output. Pressure range combinations are available up to 0-2,500 psi. Model 7252i provides 0.005% of reading performance, while model 7250 provides precision of 0.003% FS for each installed range. Each model can control to set point in 15 sec or less, with no overshoot, providing control stability of 10 ppm of each range.

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GE Announces Series 7252 Dual Output Digital Pressure Controllers for Test and Calibration of High Performance Pressure Sensors, Transducers and Gauges

Houston, Texas -September 29, 2003 - GE Ruska, a unit of GE Industrial Systems and the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) and a leading provider of precision pressure test and calibration instruments and services, announced today the immediate availability of the Series 7252 Dual Output Digital Pressure Controllers for test and calibration of pressure sensors, transducers, gauges and other pressure instruments. The 7252 incorporates two GE Ruska quartz pressure sensors, each with it's own control output allowing two separate pressures to be controlled simultaneously from one instrument. For maximum flexibility, a variety of pressure range combinations are available from 0 -10 inH2O for the low range and up to 0 - 2500 psi for the upper range. The pressure range combination in the Series 7252 is almost infinite since customers can specify any pressure range combination between these two ranges.

Two models are available, the 7252i which provides 0.005% of reading performance, or the economical 7250 which provides a precision of 0.003% of full scale for each installed range. To minimize test time, each model can control to set point in 15 seconds or less, with no overshoot, providing a control stability of 10 ppm of each range.

"The 7252 illustrates GE Ruska's commitment to provide customers with the ability to do more with less. A single 7252 provides the same functionality of two, three or more pressure controllers allowing customers to save money and reduce bench or rack space requirements,"stated Jim Henke, Sales Manager of GE Ruska.

Both models feature an IEEE-488 interface and are provided with a NIST traceable calibration report. As an option, GE Ruska can provide a NVLAP accredited calibration report. A variety of options are available for vacuum (negative gauge) and absolute modes, drivers for MET/CAL® and LABView® programs, rack mount kits and software. GE Ruska also offers product leasing programs through GE Vendor Financial Services who offer flexible leasing terms with the best rates in the industry.

The Series 7252 provides another choice in the widest line of automatic pressure calibrators available from fractions of an inch of water to 40,000 psi.

GE Ruska operates as part of the GE Measurement & Sensing Technologies business within GE Industrial Systems.

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