Digital Microgage simplifies factory alignment.

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Laser Microgage 2000 checks mechanical straightness, slide and stage runout, surface flatness, machine parallelism, and mechanical squareness. It works with laser transmitter, which projects collimated laser reference beam that is captured by receiver connected to digital display. MG-2000 operates over range of a few inches to 80 ft and provides readings accurate to 0.0001 in. It can connect to laptop PC for analysis and report generation.

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New Digital Microgage Simplifies Factory Alignment

September, 2003 - Newburyport, Massachusetts: Pinpoint Laser Systems is introducing the Laser Microgage 2000 - the newest advancement in factory alignment. The MG-2000 can be used by manufacturing employees right on their own production lines for checking alignment, improving manufacturing efficiency, reducing costly downtimes, and ultimately, saving money. The Microgage 2000 is easy to set up and use and can quickly check mechanical straightness, slide and stage runout (measured in the attached photograph,) surface flatness, machine parallelism, mechanical squareness, and many other parameters.

The Microgage 2000 works with a laser transmitter that projects a collimated laser reference beam that is captured by a receiver connected to a digital display. As the receiver moves, relative to the laser beam, the readout displays the measurement. By moving the receiver to various locations, the surface or mechanical device can be measured, checked, and adjusted. The Microgage 2000 will operate over a range of a few inches up to 80 feet and provides readings accurate to 0.0001 inch. The operator can change the measuring units and adjust the functions. The MG-2000 can be connected to a laptop PC for recording readings and analysis and for generating reports.

By making the Microgage 2000 easy-to-use, compact, and affordable, it is a highly useful tool, suitable for many different manufacturing venues and a vast range of industrial projects. The Laser Microgage is manufactured in the United
States by Pinpoint and is available directly from the manufacturer or through manufacturers' representatives. For additional press information or story information on this new product innovation, please contact Pinpoint Laser Systems at 1-800-757-5383, or visit our website at

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