Digital Meters provideTRMS AC current measurements.

Press Release Summary:

Rated at 600 V CAT IV, Digital FlexProbe® Series includes 3 handheld models. Models 400D-6 and 400D-10, with 6 or 10 in. sensor, have measurement range starting at 20 mA and can be used to check electrical distribution systems up to 400 A. Available with 14 in. sensor, Model 4000D has measurement range starting at 100 mA and provides measurements up to 4,000 A. On all models, only 2 buttons are required to start instrument, deactivate auto power-off, hold value on display, or store max value.

Original Press Release:

AEMC® Introduces the NEW Digital FlexProbe® Models 400D & 4000D

An ideal addition to the electrician’s tool kit, the Digital FlexProbe® models can be used for TRMS AC current measurements and are rated at 600V CAT IV. They provide a welcomed solution when accessing electrical conductors is difficult in tight places.

Three models are available: The Model 400D, available with either a 6" or 10" sensor, has a measurement range starting at 20mA, and is designed for work in residential, commercial and light industrial applications. It can be used to check electrical distribution systems up to 400 Amps. The Model 4000D, available with a 14" sensor, has a measurement range starting at 100mA and can be used on higher-power industrial installations, as well as electrical utilities for measurements up to 4000 Amps.

Although they are high-performance instruments, the Digital FlexProbe® models remain very simple to use: two buttons are all it takes to start the instrument, deactivate the auto power-off, HOLD the value on the display or store the maximum value (MAX HOLD). The values are read directly on the built-in 4000-count display.

They are ergonomically designed for comfortable handheld use even when bulky gloves are required. The optional articulating, magnetic Multifix mounting system accessory makes it simple to hang on a wall, door, table edge or clip onto a belt.


  • Easy access and measurement, even in confined spaces where access is difficult

  • Measurement from 20mAAC to 4000A (model dependent)

  • Available with 6", 10" and 14" sensor lengths

  • Resolution down to 1mA (model dependent)

  • Auto-ranging

  • HOLD feature

  • Direct reading

  • Compact and simple to use

  • Flexible current sensor

  • True RMS

  • Safety rating of 600V CAT IV

  • Sensor diameter 1.77" to > 3.94" (sensor dependent)

Cat. #2153.21 - Model 400D-6 Price: $299.00

Digital FlexProbe® with 6" sensor

Cat. #2153.22 - Model 400D-10 Price: $309.00

Digital FlexProbe® with 10" sensor

Cat. #2153.23 - Model 4000D-14 Price: $319.00

Digital FlexProbe® with 14" sensor


  • Measuring branch current in breaker panels

  • Measurement of industrial loads

  • HVAC current measurements

  • Residential and commercial site current monitoring

  • General AC current measurements

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