Digital Lightwave Announces Significant Fiber Channel Test Expansion

CLEARWATER, Fla. - August 10th, 2010-Digital Lightwave®, Inc., a leading provider of optical networking test equipment and technology, today announced the expansion of its Fiber Channel Test Options for the NIC Platform. Thanks to the unmatched flexibility of the NIC Platform it is now possible to support all optical Fiber Channel line rates from 1G to 10G within new or existing NIC products.

"We are excited to announce that the addition of the 8G and 10G Fiber Channel Test Options to the NIC product allows us to offer the NIC to any customer supporting any optical Fiber Channel circuits" said Tom Newhart, VP of Sales. "This expansion of our Fiber Chanel Test Options demonstrates our ongoing commitment to support the changing requirements of increasingly converged Next Generation Networks. We continue to enhance our product to make sure that it can support the very latest technologies. This development shows once again that we are committed to implement support for Ethernet, Fiber Channel and any other technologies that are folded into the NGN network."

"The unique architecture of the NIC platform continues to increase the number of operations that customers are able to use our product for" said Tony Goodchild, Director of Product Management and Marketing. "The NIC demonstrably provides our customers the biggest return on investment of any test set in it's class. As we continue to deliver additional test functionality it is important to know that this not only affects new product but is backwardly compatible with any existing NIC product in the field. Our technology allows carriers to support any new customer services or network equipment manufacturers to add support for new protocols without the need to purchase additional test equipment. We understand that in todays economic climate customers expect a great deal of flexibility when making an investment in their test capabilities and we are committed to delivering product in a manner to suit their requirements, whether that be through new equipment sales or rental of specific test options to meet short term requirements."

8G and 10G Fiber Channel interfaces will be available on Digital Lightwave's Multi-Service Analyzer series of modules (MSA 2020 and MSA 2030) which feature test options for SONET/SDH, OTN, Ethernet, Fiber Channel and NGN technologies such as Virtual Concatenation, GFP and LCAS.

Digital Lightwave's Fiber Channel testing supports all aspects of node login, fabric login, buffer-tobuffer flow control with configurable frame sizes, headers and rates. Extensive non-intrusive performance monitoring provides insight into in-service Fibre Channel circuit performance. Traditional optical measurements such as measuring and generating line frequency offsets are also supported.

To find out more about the MSA 2020 and MSA 2030 modules please visit

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