Digital Laser Sensor suits pulp and paper industries.

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CCD-based Dynavision SPR-02 can profile shapes/thickness, measure tapers, and indicate displacement. Use of 2 sensors allows detailed length or thickness profiles from this Class IIIb long-range laser, which delivers resolutions as fine as 0.001 in. With high-speed, adjustable scan rate to 1,667 Hz/sec, it has measurement range of up to 14 ft with accuracy of ±0.05%-±0.20% of range. Digital design resists changes in ambient temperature and light intensity.

Original Press Release:

Long Range Laser Sensor from LMI Technologies Ideal for Numerous Pulp and Paper Industry Applications

DETROIT, Michigan -- LMI Technologies (USA), Inc., a global manufacturer of laser sensors, introduces a new long-range laser sensor for applications in the pulp, paper and associated industries.

The CCD-based Dynavision brand SPR-02 laser sensor is ideal for profiling shapes, measuring tapers, profiling thickness or indicating displacement. Specific applications include monitoring the affect of web tension from a roll, monitoring press action on a paper machine, measuring the length of paper roll cores in a splicing operation, measuring the diameter of paper rolls on line, plus numerous others. Use of two sensors allows detailed length or thickness profiles, without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

The Class IIIb SPR-02 long-range laser sensor delivers a resolution as fine as 0.001 in. (25µm), with a high speed adjustable scan rate of up to 1,667 Hz per second. Measurement range of up to 14 ft (4.24 meters) can be accommodated within an accuracy of +/- 0.05% to +/-0.20% of range. A Class 3a SPR-02 laser sensor is also available for shorter distances.

Digital design allows these sensors to resist changes in ambient temperature and light intensity due to the target's color and texture. 0-10 VDC and 4-20 mA analog outputs are standard and are field selectable

On-board intelligence gives the sensor a stand-alone capability. RS-485 and RS-232 interface allows simple connection to PCs, PLCs or other automated systems.

Application utility software from LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. allows the user to program parameter changes such as: min/max measurement range, output, offset, out-of-range indication and filtering/buffering Software is also available on a 3.5-in. disc. Signal Processing electronics, which includes a 16-bit micro-controller, provides for data averaging and filtering, easy integration of software and transfer of data to the control system.

The SPR-02 sensor operates in temperatures up to 122°F (50°C). Power is provided by a 15-30 VDC power source. Dimensions of sensors are 8.5 x 6.0 x 2.13 in. (216 x 152 x 54 mm) and the weight is 4.0 lbs. (1816 grams).

"Compared to less expensive ultrasonic sensors used in many pulp and paper applications, the SPR-02 provides the user with better accuracy, longer life, less maintenance and downtime and more dependable service," noted Mike Snow, Regional Sales Manager for LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. "Ultrasonic sensors normally provide a non-linear output because of their larger spot size, temperature drift and interference from surrounding equipment. Thus, false signals and invalid measurement points are normally common."

LMI Technologies (USA), Inc., is part of LMI Technologies, Inc., a world leader of laser-based machine vision sensors for process monitoring and control in various industries. The company has more than 40 vision and laser sensor models and over 100 issued and pending patents.

For more information on SPR-02 long range digital laser sensor or any other of the company's laser sensors, contact LMI Technologies (USA), Inc., at 21455 Melrose Ave., Suite 22, Southfield, Ml 48075 or call (248) 359-2409, FAX (248) 355-3283 or E-Mail LMI can be found on the Internet at

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