Digital Image Processor provides adjustable, HD images.

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Designed for real-time image processing, programmable PICTOR is built around vector signal processor with VLIW fixed point arithmetic architecture and parallel processing units (slices). PICTOR slices have separate quad data paths, enabling architecture to achieve processing power of 176 in giga operations at 230 MHz. Along with support for HD resolutions, including 1080i, unit comes with SAD instructions and min/max search that supports calculations in one clock cycle.

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Embedded World 2006: ON DEMAND Microelectronics Exhibits at Booth 469

PICTOR - The Image Processing Novelty

Vienna, 31st of January 2006 - At the Embedded World in Nuremberg ON DEMAND Microelectronics (ODM) presents its digital image processing solution PICTOR at booth 469 in hall 12. Visit us at our booth and learn all about this latest HDTV product for Deinterlacing and Scaling based on ODM's revolutionary core Vector Signal Processor (VSP) which had already won the Embedded Award in 2004.

Image processing proves to be a challenging discipline: high processing power is required to calculate image adjustments in real-time. Since the standards by which a qualitative picture is measured by are relative, experts have to face a serious debate as defining the quality of an image still lies in the eye of the beholder.

PICTOR sets new standards in image processing and aims at providing adjustable high-quality images. The programmable features of PICTOR is a major step forward compared to image processing solutions which are currently offered on the market.

Maximum output through parallelism

PICTOR is designed for real time image processing. It supports HD resolutions including 1080i. The core of the programmable platform is the VSP. The VSP is made for digital signal processing applications and has high processing power and an equivalently high data bandwidth with low power usage. The image processor has a VLIW fixed point arithmetic architecture and consists of parallel processing units (slices). PICTOR has - in comparison to the Video VSP used in the Scaleable Video Engine (SVEN) - slices with separate quad data paths. The architecture of PICTOR can, therefore, achieve a processing power of approximately 176 in complex giga operations at only 230 MHz! In addition, PICTOR comes with special instructions including: SAD (SUM of Absolute Difference) and minimum-/maximum search which supports calculations in only one clock cycle. All image processing algorithms are software implemented without requiring an additional hardware accelerator.

Libraries complement the platform

Additionally ODM offer tailored libraries for digital image processing (DIP). In general, the algorithms of DIP can be applied on e.g. digital TVs and cameras or surveillance - a wide range of applications that has to be covered by engineers with very different backgrounds. The DIP theory is based on calculation models which, in turn, challenge the user to grasp the subjective cognition and the multidisciplinary relations of computer graphics and optical characteristics. By introducing PICTOR, ON DEMAND Microelectronics managed to provide the ideal solution for these multidimensional tasks.

Due to the scalable architecture PICTOR can manage the standard format as well as the highly complex HDTV 1080i. Furthermore, PICTOR includes a functional instruction set which gives the engineer the possibility to implement their 'Magic Codes' on PICTOR, resulting in sharp and qualitative images.

PICTOR meets the requirements of high end image processing. Due to its scalability the PICTOR platform guarantees the required flexible processing power and offers a solutions for any types of image processing.

About ON DEMAND Microelectronics

ON DEMAND Microelectronics is an international and innovative IP-Vendor and IC-Design house. The silicon-proven Vector Signal Processor (VSP) is ODM's core product designed for digital signal processing applications with extremely high processing power requirements and low power usage. The revolutionary VSP features a scalable architecture which is adjustable to the processing power. This programmable software and scalable architecture can be licensed with the entire tool chain for target applications.

On the basis of the VSP technology, ON DEMAND developed a representative product portfolio ranging from system-on-chips to applications widely used in entertainment electronics. The service portfolio combines innovative solutions for future developments in the areas of analog, digital and mixed signal semiconductor designs.

ODM was founded in 2002 as a direct spin-off of the Austrian Analog Devices subsidiary. The headquarters of ODM are in Vienna. Today, ODM is holding sales offices in Munich, Austin/Texas and Taipei/Taiwan. More information at

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