Digital I/O Cards emulate high-speed CPU buses.

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Series GX5152 PXI Digital Stimulus-Response Cards provide bus emulation and high-speed digital test. Model GX5152 6U Master includes DSR timing set and can control up to 15 GX5153 DSR slaves to expand dynamic digital I/O channels up to 512. Timing set within master card features Major Cycles running at 100 MHz and Minor Cycles running at 50 MHz. Model GX5152 includes trigger signal, 10 nS edge placement resolution, and 5 memory SIMMS for memory depth of 8 Mb.

Original Press Release:

Geotest Introduces New Digital Stimulus-Response (DSR) Instruments

AUTOTESTCON 2003 - ANAHEIM, Calif. (September 20, 2003) - Geotest-Marvin Test Systems, Inc., a global supplier of electronic test equipment for aerospace, semiconductor, telecom, medical, industrial and military applications announces the introduction of the GX5152 series of PXI Digital Stimulus-Response (DSR) cards designed for bus emulation and high-speed digital test.

The 6U GX5152 is the master, which includes the DSR timing set and can control up to 15 GX5153 DSR slaves to expand the dynamic digital I/O channels up to 512. The GX5152 series is ideal for applications such as bus emulation, analog to digital/digital to analog conversion, board ATE and ASIC/FPGA/CPLD testing. The timing set within the DSR master features "Major Cycles" running at 100MHz, and "Minor Cycles" running at 50MHz, simplifying bus emulation.

Geotest developed the GX5152 series in response to a growing need for high-end digital I/O capable of emulating high-speed CPU buses. The GX5152 provides strobes that control the master and any slave instruments to generate or capture data. The GX5152 series also features a trigger signal, 10nS edge placement resolution, and five memory SIMMS for a memory depth of 8Mb (max.). A variety of I/O modules (daughter cards)- TTL, LVDS, and Programmable Levels-are also available for mounting on the GX5152 board.

Availability. Product shipment for the GX5152 series is scheduled for October, 2003.

For More Information: To receive more information on the GX5152 series, or other Geotest PXI- and PC-based test products, contact Geotest at:

888-TEST-BY-PXI (888-837-8297)
FAX: 949-263-1203

A subsidiary of the Marvin Group (Inglewood, CA) Geotest -Marvin Test Systems, Inc. is a global supplier of PXI and PC-based test products, systems, and solutions. Geotest's products and systems are used worldwide in thousands of aerospace, semiconductors, communications, medical, industrial, and military test applications.

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