Digital I/O Board gives I/O control from Ethernet.

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Featuring three 8-bit TTL ports, EtherI/O24(TM) enables 24 lines to be independently programmed as input or output. Unit connects by RJ-45 connector to any Ethernet network supporting TCP/IP, and output pins source or sink up to 30 mA to allow for direct connection to variety of devices. On-board 50 MIPS flash micro-controller can be reprogrammed to suit application, while integrated switch-mode voltage regulator allows power from any 8-32 Vdc power source.

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Boards Gives I/O Control From Ethernet

Pittsford, NY. EtherI/O24(TM) is a 3" x3" x 1" Ethernet-controlled, compact digital Input/Output board featuring three 8-bit TTL ports. Each of the 24 lines can be independently programmed as either an input or output.

EtherI/O24(TM) connects by an industry-standard RJ-45 connector to any Ethernet network supporting TCP/IP and can communicate with any point on that network. By using an Internet Router, EtherI/O24(TM) can communicate with any Internet connected device. EtherI/O24(TM)'s output pins are able to source or sink up to 30mA to allow for direct connection to a variety of devices. Optional add-on boards can connect to the module to provide Relay Outputs, Isolated Inputs, Switches or Screw Terminals to
provide for the easy connection of external sensors, switches or other devices.

Each of the 24 independently programmable signal lines has configurable thresholds (CMOS, TTL or Schmitt Trigger) and programmable pull-ups. Connection is simple, using three 10-way headers for low cost, standard IDC or crimp connectors. The on-board 50 MIPS flash micro-controller can be reprogrammed to suit specific applications, while the integrated switch-mode voltage regulator allows power from any 8-32V DC Power source. EtherI/O24(TM) consumes only 1.1W even when fully operational. Additionally, 5V @ 500mA is available to power external interface boards or sensors.

Advanced configuration software provided allows EtherI/O24(TM) to automatically scan the input ports and transmit changes directly to another EtherI/O24(TM) module without host connection or to any Internet Port by router connection. An on-board EEPROM allows all ports to power up in a user programmable state. You can have programmable Fixed IP or Dynamic IP assignment from a DHCP server. Small packet size and connectionless protocol allows you to do real-time sensing and control. Or you can connect to a wireless network gateway or access point for wireless operation.

Suitable applications include: home or industrial automation, digital input and output from any Networked PC, remote data acquisition and/or alarm monitoring by network or Internet, PC-controlled machines and distributed machine I/O, remote lighting/power control and/or monitoring, etc.

EtherI/O24(TM) is available from stock at $99.00 each from Saelig Co. Inc. Pittsford, NY.

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More: Alan Lowne, 585 385-1750 fax -1768 Saelig Co. Inc, 1160-D2 Pittsford-Victor Rd. Pittsford, NY 14534 USA.

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