Digital Hydrometer uses oscillating U-tube technology.

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Featuring leak-proof housing, SG-Ultra Max measures density and density-related values of samples and shows measuring results within seconds on LCD, ready for storage, printout, or export to PC using IR data interface. Unit can store up to 100 sample IDs, up to 20 measuring methods, and up to 1,024 measurement results. With accuracy of 99.999%, instrument is suited for food and beverage, pharmacy/chemistry, electrical engineering, environmental, petro chemistry, and battery testing applications.

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SG-ULTRA MAX Digital Hydrometer

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - (Battery Testing Solutions Company), Eagle Eye Power Solutions (EEPS) providing density measurements on the move! The SG-Ultra Max is the newest generation of Eagle Eye portable density meters, using the oscillating U-tube technology. SG-Ultra Max measures the density and density- related values of your sample and shows the measuring results within seconds on the large display, ready for storage, printout or export to a PC. This SG-ULTRA MAX is available immediately and can be viewed on Eagle Eye Power Solution's website at or ordered by calling (414) 962 - EEPS (3377).

The SG-ULTRA Max is used in a number of different industries, such as food & beverage, pharmacy & chemistry, electrical engineering & electronics, environmental, petro chemistry, battery testing & general quality control. Our customers use the SG-ULTRA MAX to test Density, Density @ reference temperature, Specific Gravity (SG), Alcohol % v/v, Alcohol % w/w, Alcohol US (°Proof), API Gravity, API SG, API Density, °Baumé, H 2SO 4 % w/w, H2SO 4 @ 20 °C, °Brix, Extract (°Plato), with five programmable custom functions

Why Is The SG-ULTRA MAX Used By So Many?

The SG-ULTRA MAX is accurate (99.999%), Fast (5x faster than conventional methods), offers Wireless Communication (I.R. transfer to PC or printer), is Robust (leak proof housing), is Versatile (stores 1024 w/ 100 sample names), is Efficient (lightweight with large display) and much more!

Eagle Eye Power Solutions works to ensure every employee and representative of our company is properly trained to understand our products and our core values. Our response time and customer support is always the priority. From the initial contact with the customer, through the education & sales process and continuing with post-sales support - we are there for our customers every step of the way! At EEPS we focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships ("lifetime customers"). We always encourage customer feedback regarding ways that we can improve our products and support to better fit our customer's needs.

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