Digital Door Sing Interface Kits do not require PC for operation.

Press Release Summary:

Matching all technical requirements, digital door sign interface kits are available with 10.1, 14, 15, and 18.5 in. TFT LCDs. PC-free design does not require OS, and devices integrate with PowerPoint and other content management tools for static and animated content. In addition to ports for integration of up to 3 USB devices, features include PoE and WLAN options. Kits enable slim design from 25-35 mm.

Original Press Release:

New Digital Door Sign Interface Kits - Exceed Your Expectations

Brand-new LC Display Solution for Electronic Signs in Digital Signage area

Gilching, Bavaria - Germany - Enhanced LCD solution for Digital Signage`s fast growing area of digital door signs. Designed and approved by Display Solution AG, one of the leading developers and marketers of industrial and commercial TFT solutions. The new line of digital door sign interface kits matches all technical requirements with impressive benefits and extra features at a significantly lower price.

- High quality TFT displays from well-known manufacturers in sizes 10.1", 14", 15" and 18.5" as standard kits
- PC-Less Design (NO PC!)
  • No Operating System required
  • Low-Power
    - Two possibilities for Software Integration
  • Working as extended Desktop from Windows OS:
    Allows simple integration with standard software like Powerpoint and almost any content management tool. It supports not only static content but also videos and animation. Up to 6 door signs on one PC without any additional graphics card. Soon up to incredible 14 monitors on just 1 PC - enabled by DisplayLink's Multi USB Monitor technology

  • Working as an independent Display Unit
    Allows connection of more than 100 display units to one PC. An SDK allows the developer to integrate the door sign application in their own software. It is the most cost-effective solution for static display content.
    - Further USB-ports endorses the integration of up to three additional USB-devices e.g. touch-controller, printer, scanner, etc.
    - PoE (Power over Ethernet) option supports all display sizes and allows operation over a single Ethernet-cable. Avoiding additional power wiring cuts down installation costs
    - WLAN option requires only a simple power supply and no additional network cabling
    - Enables slim design - 25-35 mm
    - Competitive and low cost

    "Driving down the total costs for information displays and digital door sign projects was key aspect for developing novel competitive LCD kit solutions," said Norbert Feuchtgruber, CEO at Display Solution AG. "Utilizing future technologies significantly reduces investment in hardware (PCs), as well as licence charges for digital signage software. Low power in operation and low integration costs enable unprecedented opportunities."

    Suitable for all discerning innovative applications like electronic door signs, conference room signs, visitor guidance systems (wayfinders) and all digital sign projects.

    About Display Solution
    Display Solution, based in Gilching, Bavaria, Germany, is a leading developer and marketer of customized LCD solutions for existing and future markets, combining leading-edge screen and electronic technologies. Products range from single components to complete system solutions built around TFT displays for commercial and industrial use with applications in such areas as digital signage, point-of-sale, point-of-information, automation, measurement engineering, medical instruments, and other mobile and embedded applications.

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