Digital Displays work with turbine flow sensors.

Press Release Summary:

Panel-mounted HB2800, designed for use with Ultima and Classic Flow Sensors, accepts non-amplified frequency input and calculates rate of flow and total flow. Model F6600 accepts inputs from Ultima and Classic Turbine Flow Sensors as well as other sources. Meters provide 6 display indications and can be customized. Model F6700, for use with Flo-tech Activa Sensor Arrays, accepts 4-20 mA or 0-10 Vdc analog signals and can be scaled to most units of measurement.

Original Press Release:

New Displays for Turbine Flow Sensors

(Racine, WI - August 31, 2004) Hedland Flo-tech has introduced a new family of Digital Displays and Signal Processors for Flo-tech Activa(TM), Ultima and Classic Turbine Flow Meters.

The newest addition to the line is the panel-mounted HB2800 Display for use with the Ultima and Classic Flow Sensors. It will accept non-amplified low-level frequency input and calculate rate of flow and total flow. Calculations are displayed in user selected measurement units (GPM/gallons or LPM/liters) and can show rate of flow, total flow or toggle between both. The units are pre-calibrated at the factory but they can be easily reprogrammed using the front panel keypad. Two models are available - a standard unit for basic rate/flow applications and an advanced unit with additional programming options.

The F6600 Digital Display is ideal for applications such as remote flow monitoring, comparing rates of flow, alarm system and process control. It will accept inputs from Ultima and Classic Turbine Flow Sensors as well as sources such as switch contacts, outputs from CMOS or TTL circuits and magnetic pickups. The meters provide six display indications including 3 counters, rate of flow and rate maximum and minimum. They can be customized to provide analog outputs, communications and setpoint alarms with optional plug-in cards.

Model F6700 is similar to the F6600 for use with Flo-tech Activa Sensor Arrays. This digital display accepts standard 4-20mA or 0-10 VDC analog signals. It can be scaled to most units of measurement using the front panel buttons or available programming software. The same Optional plug in-cards for analog output, communication and setpoint alarms are also available for F6700 displays.

All of the new digital displays are available for AC and DC power. All three feature compact NEMA 4X/IP65 enclosures and they are CE compliant.

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