Digital Displays are powered by flowmeters.

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DM remote- and panel-mount meters provide digital readout of flow, totalized flow, and temperature from company's ST and GF Series thermal-dispersion mass flowmeters. Loop-powered DM10 LCD readout meter, scalable to +1,999 digits, features 1 in. high characters. AC-line powered DM15 features red LED readout, scalable to +9,999 digits, and programmable alarm set-point. Panel-mount DM20 flow totalizer provides local or remote digital readout on 8-digit display.

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New Family of Digital Displays for Flow Meters

Remote and Panel Mount Meters Provide Digital Readout of Flow, Totalized Flow and Temperature from Flowmeters

San Marcos, CA-The new versatile DM Family of Digital Readouts from Fluid Components International (FCI) digitally displays flow rate, totalized flow and temperature readings from FCI's popular ST and GF Series thermal-dispersion mass flowmeters.

A choice of three different meters is designed to meet a wide range of installation locations and process requirements. Installed near the pipe, these meters can be used with blind flow transmitters as their readout, or with integral display flowmeters as a remote mounted additional display, or as an auxiliary display mounted anywhere along a flow control loop.

The Model DM10 Display is a loop-powered LCD readout meter, which can be inserted anywhere in the Flowmeter's 4-20 mA output loop. It requires no separate power source as it relies on the 4-20 mA output loop's power. The DM10 is scalable to +1999 digits and features oversized 1-inch (25mm) high characters for easy viewing. It is sized at 3.15 (h) -x- 5.51 (w) -x- 2.56 (d) inches (80-x-40-x-65 mm). The standard configuration is wall mountable, with optional panel or pipe mount kits available. Wiring is to screw terminals via a standard 0.5-inch conduit hole at the bottom of the case. The DM10 is also available in FM and CSA approved versions for installation in hazardous areas requiring approvals.

The Model DM15 Display is a high accuracy, AC-line powered meter with a bright red LED readout. The DM15 features a user, push-button scalable +9999 digit display and will accept either the 4-20 mA or 0-10 Vdc output signals from any FCI Flowmeter. A user programmable alarm set-point with a Form C relay output also is available as an option. The DM15 fits a standard 1/8 DIN cutout [1.89" (h) -x- 3.78" (w) -x-5.35" (d); 48-x-96-136 mm for easy panel mounting. Universal screw terminals are located at the rear for hook-up to sensor and power wiring. When used with FCI's ST50 or ST75 Series multi-variable flow meters, which feature dual analog outputs, two DM15's can be mounted together for simultaneous display of the fluid's flow and temperature.

The Model DM20 is a miniature, panel-mount 8-digit (0 to 99999999 counts) flow totalizer. It accepts the pulse output from FCI's ST50 and ST75 Series Flowmeters for a local or remote digital readout of total flow. The DM20 features a reset line, which can be activated via a front-panel push-button or via a contact closure to rear-mounted screw terminal block It is self-powered with a 10-year lithium battery (included) and can be easily mounted in a separate enclosure or control room. It is sized at 0.944 (h) -x- 1.89 (w) -x- 1.20 (d) inches (24-x-48-x-30.5 mm).

The DM Series of remote displays is designed for use with the popular FCI ST and GF Series Flowmeters. These flow meters provide direct mass flow measurement of air, fuel gases and process gases. The series includes six different insertion and inline style models: the ST98, ST98L, ST50, ST75, GF90 and the GF92. Each of these popular meters is designed for precision air/gas flow measurement in a wide range of rugged plant applications found in the demanding process and manufacturing industries including chemical, oil/gas, wastewater treatment, power utilities, food/beverage, heat-treating, metalworking, pharmaceutical, pulp/paper, and others.

Blending superior accuracy over a wide flow range with high repeatability, the rugged FCI Flowmeters are available in a broad range of configurations, including high-speed, high temperature, high pressure, low flow, large line sizes, small line sizes, sanitary, DC or AC powering, and for virtually any gases. Their precision thermal dispersion mass flow measuring technology design is inherently temperature compensated and is virtually drift-free. Installation requires only simple tools and can be done by a single technician.

These flowmeters are a no-moving parts design, which means that FCI thermal-dispersion flowmeter require almost no maintenance. FCI flowmeters are the right choice whenever accuracy, reliability, durability and lowest lifecycle costs are a primary consideration in air or gas flow measurements

Serving critical process instrumentation needs worldwide, ISO 9001 certified FCI is the world's leading manufacturer of thermal-dispersion technology flow and level measurement instrumentation for industry. Since 1964, the company has provided a broad range of liquid, gas and slurry flow/no flow detection, flow meters, liquid level interface, flow conditioning and more.

Fluid Components International is a global company committed to meeting the needs of its customers through innovative solutions to the most challenging requirements for sensing, measuring and controlling flow and level of air, gases and liquids.

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