Digital Displacement Controls drive hydraulic components.

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Hi-IQ System consists of Goldcup Series P6-P30 axial piston pump with integral displacement sensor, Model 4DC01 proportional directional control valve with integral LVDT, and Model EC01 digital electronic controller in Eurocard format. System provides digital electronic flow control for GoldCup Series of variable displacement, axial piston, closed-circuit, hydrostatic transmission units. A 16-bit SAB 80C166 microprocessor performs signal processing.

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Hi-IQ Digital Displacement Control Introduced by Denison for Goldcup Transmissons

Marysville, Ohio, Feb. 10 -- Hydraulic components with digital electronic interfaces fulfill today's growing demand for high performance, efficient, low cost motion control systems. Denison is showing the way with the development of a family of controls developed by engineers at its Hilden, Germany, plant in conjunction with existing piston pump technology from the Marysville, Ohio, plant. Most recently launched is a new Denison Hi-IQ control that has been developed for the GoldCup Series of variable displacement, axial piston, closed-circuit, hydrostatic transmission units to provide advanced digital electronic flow control capability. The GoldCup Hi-IQ pump is an energy efficient, quiet control alternative to large proportional and servo valves for high speed, closed-loop, motion control applications. Denison has successfully applied these units driving closed-loop hydraulic cylinders on conveyor systems for cement making machinery, ship fin stabilizers, and test stands. Targeted applications include marine (winches, cranes, aircraft carrier deck elevators), lumber processing (sawing), and industrial process control (paper and metal processing, electric power generation). The GoldCup Hi-IQ units can drive either hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors in closed-loop positioning or speed control systems. Applications currently using high flow proportional and servo valves in closed-loop motion control systems are good potentials for the GoldCup Hi-IQ. The control system consists of: o Goldcup Series P6 - P30 axial piston pump with integral displacement sensor; o High response 4DC01 proportional directional control valve with integral LVDT; and o EC01 digital electronic controller in Eurocard format A key element of the control system is the EC01 digital control card in Eurocard format. A 16-Bit SAB 80C166 microprocessor performs the signal processing tasks of this controller. The following interfaces are provided: o 6 analog, 8 digital Inputs o 2 analog, 4 digital Outputs o 1 serial port RS232 o 1 CAN-Bus serial port The modular construction concept of the EC01 Family connects a digital controller sub-board to a standard basic amplifier card. The electrical connections to the EC01 are in accordance with typical industry standards. The displacement of the GoldCup P6 - P30 series is controlled by a high-performance, closed-loop, proportional valve mounted directly on the pump. An electrical signal is also supplied to the controller from an integral position sensor that measures the actual displacement of the pump. The customer-supplied input command for displacement is continuously compared to the actual pump displacement and the "pump regulator" provides a signal that is proportional to the difference between the input displacement command and the actual displacement. This "error" signal provides the input to the "valve regulator". The output stage of the "valve regulator" then delivers the high power signals to both of the proportional solenoids to move the valve spool to minimize the error. A Windows-based communication software package is available at no charge to allow customers to configure, tune, and monitor the operation of the HI-IQ pump control system with a standard personal computer. This software uses the standard RS-232 serial port of the PC to communicate with the EC01. With these tools, the time required for installation and commissioning of the control system has been dramatically reduced. The customer can store the electrical connection information, control parameters, and calibration data in non-volatile memory on the EC01 card and also in back-up files on a PC (i.e., 24 volt power supply, current or voltage input command signals, and a maximum current consumption of 3A). Denison Hydraulics is a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic components and systems for off-highway and construction vehicles; for mining equipment; for environmental and waste recovery equipment; for pulp and paper, chemical and other processing equipment; and for such in-plant machines as machine tools, plastic molding machines, die casters, and stamping presses. Contact: Rick Rockwell Denison Hydraulics 14249 Industrial Parkway Marysville, OH 43040 937.644.3915

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