Digital DC Power Supplies offer up to 72 V output.

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Available in 5 models, laboratory-grade, bench-top Series 912 offers programmable outputs ranging from 0-32 V, 0-3 A to 0-72 V, 0-1.2 A. Microprocessor control circuitry permits power supplies to offer transient response times of less than 20 ms with load regulation of 0.01% +2 mV. All models can be remotely controlled from PC with USB or RS-232 interface. Additionally, Model 9123A supports programming through GPIB and comes with GPIB to TTL conversion adapter cable.

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New Family of Programmable, Single Output DC Power Supplies Offers Up to 72V Output

B&K Precision Corporation's Models 9120A, 9121A 9122A, 9123A, and 9124, are laboratory grade Single Output Digital DC Power Supplies. The bench top units provide clean, stable and reliable power and offer a programmable output ranging from 0-32V, 0-3A (Model 9120A) to 0 to 72V, 0 to 1.2A (Model 9124). Pricing begins at a low $709 for the Model 9120A, $715 for the Model 9121A, $739 for the Model 9122A, $799 for the Model 9123A and $715 for the Model 9124.. All of the units can be remotely controlled from any PC with USB or RS-232 interface, allowing the user to program and monitor all parameters through easy-to-use SCPI commands. Additionally, the Model 9123A can be controlled via GPIB interface and includes a GPIB to TTL conversion adapter cable.

The new power supplies offer exceptional control and accuracy at a very reasonable price and are an ideal supply for today's applications in R&D design verification, production testing, or university labs that require clean, reliable power, high resolution and accuracy, and fast transit response time.

Some of the unique features of the B+K Precision Models 9120A, 9121A, 9122A, 9123A and 9124 include:
o 0.1mV & 0.01mA programming resolution
o RS-232 interface
o USB interface
o GPIB interface (Model 9123A)
o SCPI compatible
o Closed case calibration
o Excellent display resolution
o Front & rear output terminals
o Low ripple and noise
o Excellent regulation and Temperature stability
o Fast transient response time (<20ms)
o Compact size for bench use or rack mountable
o 4mm sheathed safety banana jacks
o List mode operation for increased throughput. Download and execute command sequences from non-volatile memory

The new family of Single Output Programmable Power Supplies are designed to meet the needs of today's applications that require clean reliable power and excellent performance. New microprocessor control circuitry permits the units to offer unmatched temperature stability and remarkably fast transient response times with a load regulation of 0.01% +2mV. All models can power-up to the same state it was when it was powered-off. This allows the supply to go back to work as soon as power is restored whether the power-off was intentional or caused by a power outage. There is enough non-volatile memory to store up to 50 power supply settings allowing quick and easy testing when multiple voltage and current values are required.

The new family of Single Output Programmable DC Power Supplies' digital ports offer a variety of configurations. The port can operate in Digital I/O, external Trigger and DFI/RI (Discrete Fault Indicator/Remote Inhibit) mode. The RI feature can be used for turning several power supplies On/Off simultaneously. External triggering can be used in combination with List mode.

The included Application Software supports front panel emulation and allows users to generate simple test procedures without the need to write source code. Additionally, the power supplies come with a built-in 5-1/2 digit DVM and high resolution milliohm meter supporting 4 wire measurements.

All Models can be programmed via RS232 (standard) or USB interface (optional). Additionally, Model 9123A supports programming through GPIB and comes with a GPIB to TTL conversion adapter cable. For safety, the power supplies utilize 4mm sheathed safety banana jacks. The jacks are designed for safe interfacing and allow the unit to meet the latest international safety standards. Front panel indicators and controls include an OFF/ON power switch, a high resolution LCD, and encoder knob for quick analog-like control.

The compact bench top units (3.8" H x 8.45" W x 13.9"D) only weigh 19.8 lb. (9 Kg) and feature rear output and remote sensing terminals. Available for immediate delivery, prices start at $709, and all units come with B&K Precision Corporation's outstanding one-year warranty, user manual, software installation disk, RS-232 cable, and line cord. The Model 9123A also includes a GPIB to TTL Serial Converter cable. A number of accessories are available (See

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