Digital Clamp Meter features dual function clamp.

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MMC850 Multi-core ac digital clamp meter features design that eliminates need to split cable, remove panels or open outlet boxes to access single conductors. Planer magnetic sensor coils calculate current in flat or round multi-core cable to 100 A. Meter features backlit display, positive finger guard for comfortable grip, and inner jaw clamp to centralize cables. Unit suits electrical installation and maintenance, testing, and commissioning.

Original Press Release:

New Megger® MMC850 Digital Clamp Meter Eliminates Unnecessary Work

The unique design of the new Megger MMC850 Multi-core AC digital clamp meter offers what other clamp meters cannot - a design that eliminates the need to split cable, remove panels or open outlet boxes to access single conductors. The instrument also measures current in single conductors and makes it unnecessary to carry multiple clamp meters.

A single button switches the clamp between multi-core and single core operation to save an optimal amount of time and ensure that the instrument is both convenient and easy to use.

This dual function is possible through Megger's patented design, which, unlike conventional clamp meters, has a complex array of Planer magnetic sensor coils to calculate the current flowing in the conductors of multi-core cables with 2 or 3 cores, and in either flat or round section cable up to 100 A. The instrument is handy for general maintenance work in electrical machinery and installations, portable appliance testing, and when commissioning. It is also invaluable in diversification calculation verification, confirming a faulty ring-main, and in most applications where users would use a traditional clamp meter.

With a backlit display and a durable, lightweight clamphead, the instrument makes it easy to access awkward locations and cables. The inner jaw clamp also centralizes cables to ensure the most accurate test possible. A contoured design gives users a comfortable grip with a positive finger guard.

The MMC850 is suitable for supply frequencies from 45Hz to 400Hz, has a battery life of about 180 hours, meets the requirements of IEC 1010-2-032, Cat III 600 V, and is rated as safe for connection and disconnection to live conductors.

Megger is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of electrical test and measurement equipment. With research, engineering and manufacturing facilities in the USA and UK, combined with sales and technical support in most countries, Megger is well placed to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.

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