Digital CCTV System features open matrix structure.

Press Release Summary:

Model GeViScope offers motion detection and comprehensive alarm management by incorporating independent real time functionality of multiple audio and visual signals. Intelligent dynamic compression (IDC) process economizes data storage space by matching recorded picture rate and quality to event and noise, and then discarding redundant still images. Dedicated DSPs facilitate easy updating and re-programming whenever needs change.

Original Press Release:

Ultra-flexible All-Rounder

GeViScope, GEUTEBRÃCK's new ultra-flexible digital CCTV system platform, was recently launched. A real all-rounder and ideal vehicle for perfect fit solutions, the GeViScope boasts high performance video and audio recording, an open network matrix structure, professional motion detection and comprehensive alarm management; along with some new and unique features.

It not only supports as many video and audio signals as you need but offers fully independent real time functionality for each of them. Designed for long and active service, its dedicated DSPs facilitate easy updating and re-programming whenever your needs change.

The GeViScope's unique, intelligent dynamic compression (IDC) process economizes on data storage space both by automatically matching the recorded picture rate and quality to the event and to the noise at the scene - as it happens, in real time - and by discarding redundant still images. Two different permanent recording levels guarantee useful documentation for every event, even when critical event thresholds are not reached.

Its modular structure allows you to select the hardware and software building blocks of your choice and to combine them in a network to become a perfect fit integrated system. Hardware expansions, software uploads and additional licences to activate options such as the compression process, video motion detection or picture analysis algorithms, ensure easy, in-service modification to meet new needs as they arise. The GeViScope retains the traditional GEUTEBRÃCK facility for easy integration into complex system architecture, while its open interfaces allow seamless integration with GEUTEBRÃCK and third party equipment. Reliability-assuring features include a redundant power supply unit, a built-in RAID system, and a hardware watchdog for monitoring operating readiness, sounding the alarm and re-booting the system if necessary.

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