Digital Cameras deliver up to 4,872 x 3,248-pixel resolution.

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Utilizing 16 megapixel Kodak KAI-16000 interline-transfer CCD sensor, LYNX Models IPX-16M3-G and IPX-16M3-L offer fully programmable resolution, frame rate, and exposure control. High-speed data clocks allow full-resolution images to transfer at rates up to 3 fps using dual output. Model 16M3-L features RS-232 port for control and base CameraLink® interface for image data, while 16M3-G offers Gigabit Ethernet connection for both control and data.

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Programmable Digital Camera Family Gains 16 Megapixel Members

BOCA RATON, FL - October 28, 2006 - Imperx, Inc. a leading provider of state-of-the-art digital cameras and frame grabbers, announced today two new members of its popular LYNX digital camera line, the IPX-16M3-G and the IPX-16M3-L. Both cameras offer fully programmable resolution, frame rate, and exposure control, allowing users to tailor the camera's operation to the application's needs.

The new cameras utilize a 16 Megapixel Kodak KAI-16000 interline-transfer CCD sensor to deliver up to 4872 x 3248-pixel resolution. High-speed data clocks allow full-resolution images to transfer at rates up to 3 frames/second (fps) using dual output. In area-of-interest (AOI) mode, the output frame rates can reach as high as 29 fps for the 16M3-L and 16M3-G.

The 16M3-L offers a standard RS-232 port for control and the base CameraLink® interface for the image data. The 16M3-G offers a Gigabit Ethernet connection for both control and data, allowing network-controlled installations using the Internet Protocol (IP). Software support for the 16M3-G includes Windows and Linux drivers, development kits for C++ and Visual Basic, and support for a variety of instrument control packages, including LabView, MIL, Image Pro, Halcon, and Video Savant. Software tools for data acquisition and display, camera configuration, and triggering waveform generation are built in.

The cameras are available in either monochrome or color configurations, offering 8-, 10-, or 12-bit pixel data under software configuration control. The user can also control the image output, resolution, frame rate, analog or digital sensor gain and offset, and image area-of-interest using an intuitive graphical user interface or simple ASCII commands. In addition, the cameras provide built-in gamma correction or can allow users to define their own look-up tables (LUT).

Electronic shutter control in the LYNX series offers features such as pre-exposure and double exposure and speeds as fast as 1/12000 of a second. The shutters can be triggered under software control or use external trigger signals in addition to providing programmed exposure times. Automatic iris control is optionally available.

Mechanically, the camera base fits into a 78x78 mm area, offering an F-mount lens base and a 43.3 mm image diagonal. The cameras can be left near IR-sensitive or have special filters installed as an option. An open-frame format is also optionally available.

Like others in the Lynx family, the 16M3-G and 16M3-L cameras offer a variety of built-in user-friendly functions. An on-board 32-bit RISC image processor and a two million-gate FPGA provide dynamic black-level compensation and transfer function correction, horizontal and vertical binning, and utilities for defective pixel correction (DPC) and flat field correction (FFC), and custom firmware options. The processor software, FPGA firmware, Flat Field Correction, Look Up Tables, Defective Pixel Map are all field-upgradeable ensuring that investments LYNX-series cameras yield long-life installations.

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