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Differential Probes can measure all signal components.

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May 08, 2014 - InfiniiMax III+ 4, 8, and 13 GHz differential active probes work with InfiniiMax III probe heads, complement Infiniium S-Series oscilloscopes, and are intended for general-purpose, high-speed differential bus probing. InfiniiMode technology makes probe capable of measuring all components of differential signal. With single connection, InfiniiMax III+ probes can be set to measure differential signal, single-ended A or B signals, and common-mode component of differential signal.

Agilent Technologies, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA

Original Press Release

Agilent Technologies Introduces New InfiniiMax Probes with Enhanced Usability and QuickTip Accessories for High-Speed Bus Testing

Press release date: Apr 29, 2014

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced the InfiniiMax III+ differential probes, a new generation of 4-GHz, 8-GHz and 13-GHz differential active probes for general-purpose, high-speed differential bus probing. The company also introduced new QuickTip accessories for InfiniiMax probes to help engineers make quick and reliable measurements.

The InfiniiMax III+ probes work with the full array of InfiniiMax III probe heads, including a wide range of solder-in probe heads, a browser head, ZIF (zero insertion force) tips, 2.92-mm/3.5-mm/SMA heads and the new QuickTip head. These probing solutions complement the new Infiniium S-Series oscilloscopes with their revolutionary industry-leading performance.

Agilent’s new InfiniiMax III+ probes offer InfiniiMode technology, which greatly expands the measurement capabilities and usability of the probe, making it capable of measuring all the components of a differential signal. With a single connection, InfiniiMax III+ probes can be set to measure the differential signal, the single-ended A or B signals, and the common-mode component of a differential signal.

As with InfiniiMax III technology, the unique S-parameters of each InfiniiMax III+ probe amp are stored in the probe amp and are used with the S-parameters of the various probe heads to further flatten the magnitude and phase response of the probe for higher accuracy.

Three probe heads are available that support InfiniiMode measurements: the N2836A solder-in probe head, which provides the full 13-GHz bandwidth for all modes with low signal loading; the exclusive new N2848A QuickTip probe head, which provides the only quick connect/disconnect capability in the market; and the N5444A 2.92-mm/3.5-mm/SMA probe head for cabled connections, which provides full bandwidth measurement of all modes and the ability to terminate to a non-zero voltage.

The N2848A QuickTip probe head quickly snaps to the N2849A probe tip using a magnetic connection. Unlike implementations that use a magnet to mechanically hold together separate electrical contacts, the QuickTip design uses three small, gold-plated magnets as the actual contacts to gold-plated steel buttons on the probe tip. Multiple N2849A probe tips can be installed on a device under test, allowing quick and reliable measurements of many probe points.

“It is rare in the industry for a breakthrough probing system to be introduced at the same time as a breakthrough oscilloscope family,” said Jay Alexander, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Oscilloscope and Protocol Division. “Customers told us they needed significant innovation in both performance and ease of use for the probes as well as for the oscilloscope itself, and that is what we have delivered.” 

Additional information on Agilent’s new InfiniiMax III+ probing system, QuickTip accessories and other InfiniiMax probing solutions is available at Product images are available at

U.S. Pricing and Availability

Agilent InfiniiMax III+ products can be ordered today at the prices listed below. Limited shipments will begin in May.
Model Description Price
N2830A 4-GHz probe amplifier $5,300
N2831A 8-GHz probe amplifier $8,000
N2832A 13-GHz probe amplifier $12,000
N2848A InfiniiMax III QuickTip probe head $1,000
N2849A InfiniiMax III QuickTip tips $320

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