Differential Pressure Sensor facilitates part molding.

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Machine or mold mount, Lynx Delta LS-DP-100 is used with eDART System(TM) to measure difference in coolant pressure between mold inlet and outlet. Alarms can be set, allowing user to detect abnormalities in cooling lines, ranging from small blockage to complete line failure.

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RJG, Inc. Releases the Lynx Delta Pressure Sensor

RJG, Inc. introduces their new LS-DP-100 Lynx Delta Pressure Sensor. This new product is a machine or mold mount differential pressure sensor designed to be used with the eDART System(TM). The sensor measures the difference in coolant pressure between the mold inlet and outlet. This provides information about the part cooling capability and consistency provided by the cooling system.

With the Delta Pressure Sensor you can set alarms that will allow you to detect abnormalities in your cooling lines. Whether it is only a small blockage or a complete line failure, the Delta Pressure Sensor will alert the operator to the problem upon detection. These types of variations can negatively affect part quality. Having as much knowledge as possible about your molding process gives you a solid advantage when it comes to molding quality parts. The Lynx Delta Pressure Sensor is another way that RJG helps you gain the knowledge advantage.

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RJG, INC., Traverse City, Michigan

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