Diesel Welder suits cross-country pipeline welding industry.

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Pipeliner® 200D, with all-copper windings, is powered by 4-cylinder, water-cooled Perkins 104.22 engine. It provides 200 A of DC power at 60% duty cycle as tested at 104°F, allowing for welding up to 7/32 in. low hydrogen electrodes. Capable of performing stick and TIG welding and arc gouging, unit has DC generator that provides 1,750 W of DC auxiliary power. Offerings include automatic shutdown protection, indicator gauges, engine hour meter, and 15 gal fuel capacity.

Original Press Release:

Lincoln's New Pipeliner® 200D Diesel Engine Welder Meets the Needs of Cross-Country Pipeline Welders

Cleveland, OH -- The Pipeliner® 200D is Lincoln Electric's new 200-amp diesel welder designed to carry on Lincoln's long established reputation for the preferred 200-amp pure DC generator welder for the cross-country pipeline welding industry. The Pipeliner 200D is the diesel version of the Pipeliner 200G gasoline engine driven welder and is similar to the older SA-200 and Classic I gasoline engine driven welders manufactured for years, many of which are still in use today. Its pure DC generator welding arc is favored by pipeliners and contractors for precise code consistency. All-copper windings enhance arc stability. Powered by a quiet, four-cylinder, water-cooled Perkins 104.22 engine, the Pipeliner 200D provides 200 amps of DC power at 60 percent duty cycle tested at 104 degrees F / (40 degrees Celsius). This allows for welding up to 7/32" low hydrogen electrodes. In addition to stick welding, the Pipeliner is capable of TIG welding and arc gouging. With the optional Wire Feed Module, operators can also perform MIG and flux-cored welding. Adding to the Pipeliner 200D's versatility, the DC generator allows for 1,750 watts of DC auxiliary power from a single 120-volt outlet for universal power tools and lights. Top engine features include: o Automatic shutdown protection for low oil pressure or high water temperature o Gauges indicating oil pressure, engine temperature and battery charging amps o Engine hour meter to track scheduled maintenance o 15 gallons (57 liter) fuel capacity to work an extended day without refueling. Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements, the Pipeliner 200D carries Lincoln's three-year warranty (all engines carry a separate warranty by the manufacturer.) This product has the approval of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of arc welding equipment and consumables, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. This product is available at a welding supply store near you. Or, call 1-888-355-3213 or visit www.lincolnelectric.com to obtain Bulletin E6.118 to learn more about the Ranger 305D.

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