Diesel Fuel Filter efficiently removes particulate and water.

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Available for flow rates up to 210 gpm, Bulk Diesel Fuel Filter Skid | BDS3 incorporates one particulate filter and 3 coalescing filters for 99.5% single-pass particulate and water removal from ULSD 15 and similar petroleum fuels as well as biodiesel and all petroleum-based blends. This in-line unit is also available with optional water sump heater and automatic water drain with 5 or 20 gal remote sump. While porting base is anodized aluminum, both element case and cap are plated steel.

Original Press Release:

Bulk Diesel Multi-Skid | BDS3

Leetsdale, PA - Schroeder Industries, a recognized leader in filtration and fluid conditioning products, releases the Bulk Diesel Fuel Filter Skid | BDS3 for flow rates up to 210 gpm.

The In-line Bulk Diesel Skid BDS family, consisting of the BDS (up to 70 gpm) and BDS2 (up to 140 gpm), has been expanded with the BDS3 (up to 210 gpm). The BDS3 incorporates one particulate filter and three coalescing filters for high efficient single-pass particulate and water removal. The BDS3, like the other two units, is available with optional Water Sump Heater and Automatic Water Drain with 5 or 20 gallon remote sump.

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Schroeder Industries, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, designs, manufactures and markets filtration products for the hydraulic and lubrication, filter systems, process and fuel industries. Their expertise in filtration technology, superior filter and element technology capabilities, dedication to customer service and product support are the reasons Schroeder is a worldwide leader in Advanced Fluid Conditioning Solutions®.

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