Diesel Engine-Driven Welders comply with EPA Tier 4 standard.

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Delivering 3,000 total watts of AC power from 120 or 240 V duplex receptacle, Classic® 300 HE and SAE-300® HE feature pure DC generator welding output, providing precise arc control for stick, TIG, MIG, flux-cored, and gouging processes. Both units feature 3-cylinder, water-cooled, 1,800 rpm engines. Classic 300 HE offers Kubota® D1503 engine, while SAE-300 HE offers choice between Kubota D1503 and Perkins® 403F-15T. Equipped with 16-gallon plastic fuel tank, systems enable all-day welding.

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Lincoln Electric Introduces New, High-Efficiency EPA Tier 4 Compliant Diesel Engine-Driven Welders

Classic® 300 HE and SAE-300® HE units deliver excellent performance in pipeline, construction and maintenance applications

Cleveland – Ideal for pipeline, construction and maintenance welding applications, the new, high-efficiency Classic® 300 HE and SAE-300® HE diesel engine drive welders from Lincoln Electric combine the excellent performance of the traditional, pure DC generator with a rugged, robust design. The pure DC generator welding output produces the welding arc preferred by pipeline operators and contractors, providing precise arc control for stick, TIG, MIG, flux-cored and gouging processes in demanding code applications. Both deliver 3,000 total watts of AC power from a 120V or 240V duplex receptacle for power tools and lights.

Compliant with the EPA Tier 4 Engine Emissions Standard, both fuel-efficient units feature 3-cylinder, water-cooled, 1800 RPM engines.  The Classic 300 HE offers the Kubota® D1503 engine, while the SAE-300 HE offers a choice between the Kubota D1503 and soon the Perkins® 403F-15T. The Kubota engine delivers 15 percent fuel savings at 300A at low idle vs. the previous Classic 300 D model. The Perkins engine will deliver 13 percent savings at 300A and 20 percent at low idle vs. the previous SAE-300 model.

These compact units, ideal for installation on truck beds, have fuel gauges on the control panel to easily monitor fuel levels, with additional engine gauges to indicate oil pressure and engine temperature. An electronic engine idler extends engine life and reduces fuel consumption. All-day welding is possible thanks to a 16-gallon (60.6 liter) plastic fuel tank.

Other notable features of the Classic 300 HE engine include the following:

300 amps output at 60 percent duty cycle, with maximum output of 350 amps

Arc gouging up to 3/16-inch (4.7 mm) carbons

Five current ranges with overlap and fine-tuning within each range

All-copper windings of the rotating armature/field coil system enhance arc stability, dependability and long life

The SAE-300 HE includes the following notable features:

300 amp-rated at 60 percent duty cycle with Dual Continuous Control™ to allow precise setting of both voltage and current

390 amp maximum output

Arc gouging up to 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) carbons

All-copper windings of the rotating armature/field coil system enhance arc stability, dependability and long life

When it comes to reliability, both of these new diesel engine drives’ engine control units (ECU) are in a sealed housing for robust environmental shielding, with single-side engine access for easy routine maintenance. Both have glow plugs for cold-weather starting, automatic shutdown protection for low oil pressure or high water temperature with indicator lights for both functions, as well as one for the battery charging system.

For more information on the Classic 300 HE and SAE-300 HE engine systems, call (888) 355-3213 or visit www.lincolnelectric.com to obtain Bulletin E6.156 and E6.162.

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