DID YOU KNOW...? CRECO Sells Metal Tanks!

CRECO has long been associated with fiberglass and polyethylene tanks. This stems from our extensive background and experience in corrosion resistant plastic materials.

However, did you know CRECO also supplies tanks in a variety of metals as well? We routinely provide tanks in carbon steel and stainless steel, hastelloy and other exotic alloys. Many of our customers are pleased to find we offer metal tanks as well as plastic!

Metal tanks are available in the same configurations common in fiberglass or polyethylene. Horizontal and vertical. Flat, dished, sloped, and cone bottoms are common. Flat and cone tops are prevalent in the steel tank industry. We can also offer field fabricated tanks for very large capacities.

Our steel and stainless steel tanks can be provided with a variety of accessories. Ladders, agitator supports, platforms and handrails are all available. Steel and Stainless Steel tanks are also offered with a variety of heat transfer options. A variety of jacket designs allow you to heat, cool, or maintain critical process temperatures.

So...the next time your needs call for a metal tank, remember CRECO wants to be "your one stop shop, for any kind of tank!"

The Dangers of Air Loading

Tanks are often filled with liquids from tanker trucks by pressurizing the headspace above the liquid within the tanker with compressed air to force the contents into the receiving tank. While this systems eliminates the need for pumps, improper air loading can result in tanks being overpressurized, causing damage and possible tank failure.

There are several precautions which can be taken to lessen the possibility of tank failure from overpressure during air loading. Some of these precautions include:

· Design and build a pressure vessel.

· Oversize the vent connection.

· Open the top manway during filling.

· Install a "no flow" switch in tandem with a control valve

· Suspend the fill line above the manway

Of course, the most important precaution is proper operator training. Not allowing that slug of air to reach the tank will insure the longest tank life possible!


A 10,000 gallon factory insulated carbon steel storage tank is used to store wax at 200 deg F. An internal pipe coil allows hot water to keep the contents heated.

Substantial savings are achieved by having the tank insulated at the factory as opposed to having a local insulation company insulate the tank on site.

While many manufacturers have problems shipping a factory insulated tank without significant damage to the sheath, CRECO has partnered with the premier tank fabricators and transportation companies in the country. Unique manufacturing techniques, coupled with specialized delivery vehicles, assure you that your tank will arrive safely, and be both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

CRECO can provide factory insulated tanks in all our tank materials, including polyethylene and fiberglass!

Let CRECO save you money on your next insulated tank requirement!


Stainless Steel Finishes

2B Mill Finish (80 grit; 80 Ra; N/A RMS)
- No processing of sheet beyond simple
cleaning after fabrication. Less surface
scratches than polished; Some say, more

#4 Sanitary Finish (150 grit;42 Ra;47 RMS)
First grade of "Standard" sanitary finish.
Most users opt for this finish, but see next->

#4 Sanitary Finish (180 grit;30Ra; 34 RMS)
"High grade Sanitary" finish. Specify grit or
Ra/RMS for proper comparisons!

#4 Sanitary Finish (240 grit;15 Ra; 17 RMS)
"Ultra High grade Sanitary" finish. Not
ALL "#4's" are equal. Use specific
Ra/RMS to clarify your requirements.

#7 Sanitary Finish (320 grit;12 Ra; 14 RMS)
Buffing the polished surface to "almostmirror-
like" quality.

#8 Sanitary Finish (400 grit;5 Ra; 7 RMS)
Electropolishing for mirror finish

Weld Treatments (Don't forget to specify!)
"AS-IS" - leaves welds alone. No extra

Discoloration removed - Remove weld
discoloration only

Ground smooth - Weld "spatter" and high
spots are ground smooth

Ground Flush - Welds are ground smooth
and flush with tank wall. No visible weld

Ground Flush & Polished - Specify grit or
Ra finishes, again, like material (above)
(Go to www.crecoinc.com for details!)

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