Diaphragm Valves are rated for over 1 million cycles.

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Constructed of 316L Stainless Steel, Monel®, and Hastelloy® C-276, D-Series diaphragm process analyzer system valves are available with hand wheel, ¼ turn, pneumatic, and Fieldbus-compatible electropneumatic actuation methods. Products come in standalone (tube or pipe), multi-stream manifold, and ANSI/ISA-76 compliant SMT models with working pressure range of vacuum to 3,600 psig. Flow capacity is rated at 0.17 Cv with valve cavity volume of 0.01 cc.

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CIRCOR Tech Introduces Diaphragm-Technology Process D-Series Valves

CIRCOR Tech D-Series Diaphragm valves provide the smallest footprint in the process market today D-Series valves are constructed from only the highest quality materials to insure years of unsurpassed performance to reduce the cost of ownership. . They are rated for one million-plus cycle life. Never before has the fluid process industry seen so much value combined into such a small valve Package. D-Series valves are application- flexible, diaphragm process analyzer system valves. All D-Series valves are totally free of internal elastomers, springs, bellows, packing, and lubricants in the process-wetted area. Metal-to-metal seals ensure that no leakage of process stream is released into the atmosphere.

CIRCOR Tech D-Series valves are available in standard 316L Stainless Steel, Monel®, and Hastelloy® C-276. Working temperatures range from -40° F to 500° F (-40° C to 260° C), depending on seat material. Seats are available in PCTFE, Polyimide, Tefzel® and PEEK(TM). Working pressures range from vacuum to 3600 psig (253 BAR), depending on method of actuation. Flow capacity is 0.17 Cv with a minute valve cavity volume of only 0.01cc.

CIRCOR Tech offers standalone-(tube or pipe), multi-stream manifold-, and ANSI/ISA-76 compliant surface mount models. Surface mount D-series valves can be easily integrated into CIRCOR Tech's micro Modular Substrate Sampling System (µMS3(TM)). Actuation methods include hand wheel, 1/4 turn, pneumatic and Fieldbus-compatible electropneumatic. Process end connections include Gyrolok®, male & female NPT and male & female BSP.

Headquartered in Spartanburg, SC, USA CIRCOR Tech is a member of the CIRCOR Instrumentation Technologies (CIT) group. CIRCOR Tech offers a complete line of diaphragm stream select D-Series valves. Models include tubed/piped, modular, multi-stream manifolds, and ANSI/ISA-76 compliant applications based one single valve body type. CIRCOR Tech also designs and sells the ANSI/ISA-76 (NeSSI) micro Modular Substrate Sampling System (µMS3(TM)) as individual components or as complete CIRCOR Tech-certified (TM) assembled systems.

For additional information about CIRCOR Tech, visit the company's website at www.circortech.com.

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