Diaphragm Pumps require minimal maintenance.

Press Release Summary:

Suitable for analyzers and gas chromatographs, E-Series Dia-Vac® Pumps deliver 150 slpm with one pump head. Units feature corrosion-resistant wetted materials and choice of general purpose and explosion proof motors. Self-contained J-Series Dia-Vac® pumps, offering 13 slpm, are suitable for NOx analyzers. Internal materials are available in aluminum, 316SS, or Teflon-coated. M-Series Dia-Vac® pumps deliver 22 slpm flow output, 33 psi discharge pressure, and 22 in. of mercury ultimate vacuum.

Original Press Release:

ADI Introduces the E-Series Line of Diaphragm Pumps

Air Dimensions Incorporated has been offering high quality diaphragm pumps and engineering services since 1971. Currently released for the fall of 2013, ADI introduces the E-Series line of diaphragm pumps equipped to outperform the competition with minimal maintenance required. ADI already offers an extensive catalog of precision diaphragm pumps, but what makes the new E-Series a monumental product? This durable pump is made to last under the most difficult applications while providing an extremely fast response time to your analyzer of Gas Chromatograph.  Most of the E series pumps are available from stock with shipments within 1 week.

New E Series Dia-Vac®:

The E-Series Dia-Vac® is the highest capacity diaphragm pump offered from ADI in its 43 year history. This pump delivers 150 standard liters per minute with just one pump head. The response time of the E-Series Dia-Vac® is quick to deliver optimal flow and there is very minimal maintenance required after installation. Heated and elevated pump model options will be available soon. Currently, this robust diaphragm pump features general purpose and explosion proof motor options. This pump was designed for high flow capacity with corrosion resistant wetted materials with more optional uses for the new E-Series to be released in the near future.

Other NEW Dia-Vac® options: 

The J-Series Dia-Vac® pumps are an excellent replacement pump for your NOx analyzer. The J-Series pumps are ideal for your built-in or portable applications of service. These pumps are self-contained and offer 13 SLPM of maximum flow. The J-Series pumps are preferred for their quiet and durable operation characteristics. The internal materials come available in Aluminum, 316 ss, or Teflon-coated. Power output choices range between 12 and 24 volts brush and brushless DC, 115 and 230 volts AC; thus making this series the choice of many OEM instrument manufacturers who require a very reliable, quiet, contamination and leak free gas diaphragm sampling pump.

The M-Series Dia-Vac® is the next size up in ADI’s product arsenal. The performance characteristics of the M-Series include a maximum 22 SLPM flow output, 33 PSI (gauge) discharge pressure and 22 inches of mercury ultimate vacuum. This line of pumps was designed with special capacitor features to allow for continuous cool operation. The motor options expand on the general purpose offerings of the J-Series by including the choice of ATEX certified flameproof or UL approved Division II Hazardous Area.

ADI Quality Assurance:

ADI takes pride in its engineering developments with diaphragm pumps. From the instructional videos to assist customers on diaphragm replacement to extensive case studies focusing on the longevity of pump operation compared to other companies, ADI continues to deliver reassured confidence in their product. ADI also considers clients who need a custom design for diaphragm applications. They are capable of taking the criteria for design and developing a pump to fit a specific customer's needs within a respectable turnaround time. All tolerances, dimensions and performance characteristics are tested thoroughly before shipping around the world. Air Dimensions engineers understand one pump will not meet all applications.  We therefore prefer working with our customers to specify the pump to each specific application to provide a longer more durable diaphragm pump. Superior customer service, high quality and a unbelievable delivery record (within 1 week for most items) has made ADI’s diaphragm pumps the market leader across the process and continuous emission monitoring industries.

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