Diaphragm Metering Pumps handle flows from 0.05-7.5 gph.

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JN Series, which includes 5 simplex models as well as duplex and triplex pumps, offers self locking, 0-100% flow adjustment mechanism. Construction includes worm gear reducer, 56 frame TEFC foot mounted motors for single- or 3-phase power, and corrosion-resistant wetted end materials. Double diaphragm option is available for hazardous liquids, and C face flange motor mounting eliminates need for shaft coupling or separate pump base plate.

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New JN Series Industrial Grade Low Flow Metering Pumps

Madden Manufacturing, Inc. is introducing the new JN Series diaphragm metering pump line. includes five simplex models, with duplex and triplex pumps also available. Improved features are the self locking 0-100% flow adjustment mechanism and the C face flange motor mounting which eliminates the need for a shaft coupling or separate pump base plate. Flows from as low as 0.05 GPH (189 ml/hr) up to 7.5 GPH (28 L/hr) are available from different pump models. The worm gear reducer is designed to give many years of service. 56 frame TEFC foot mounted motors for either 1 or 3 phase power are used. Washdown duty, mill & chem. duty and explosion proof motors are available options. The manual output adjustment is located on top of the pump for easy operator access. Automatic output control is an available option with a variable speed motor which automatically responds to a computer or instrument control signal. Corrosion resistant wetted end materials such as stainless steel and Teflon are available from stock to handle any liquid safely. A double diaphragm option is available for hazardous liquids. The JN Series, like all Madden pumps, are designed to be easily and quickly repaired using common hand tools. Madden diaphragm metering pumps faithfully deliver industrial chemicals 24 hours a day for years making "throw away" pumps obsolete.

For over 50 years Madden diaphragm metering pumps have been delivering accurate chemical injection flows for thousands of industrial users throughout the world

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