Diamond Coated Carbide Routers

Guhring has given new meaning to the phrase, "Diamonds in the rough," with the introduction of more resilient, diamond coated cutting tools in recent years.

For slot and periphery milling in composite and fiberglass materials, Guhring's CR100 Diamond Coated Carbide Routers sport multiple flutes, that eliminate delamination in machine or hand routing applications.

The special flute geometry increases the shearing action, which is especially useful for removing high volume material. The straight flute geometry puts the cutting force radially into the part, reducing noise and aiding in applications where vacuum or rigid fixturing is not available. Couple that with the diamond coating, and you have an abrasion-resistant tool, capable of running dry or with coolant, and giving you twice the lifespan of those other guys'.

Our series 3084 with the plunging feature, allows you to start routing in the middle of the workpiece. We also offer the 3083 series router, which is designed with a 180 degree non-cutting point, for use when plunging is not required.

Just when you thought Guhring was only a drill company, we switched up the style and offered routers, specific for composite materials. If you trust Boeing to construct the plane for your next flight, remember that Boeing trusts Guhring to make high-quality routers that provide consistent performance and unrivaled tool life.

For drills, taps, end mills, reamers, routers, tool holders, and efficient productivity, choose GUHRING.

Also known as: The Tool Company.

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