Diameter Measurement System has 3 types of sample holders.

Press Release Summary:

BENCHMASTER 30 bench-type diameter measurement system for off-line sampling of diameters, combines USYS 10 processor with precision non-contact ODAC® 30 laser scanner and sample holder. System provides printer outputs and has networking capabilities. Total range is between .008 and 1.12 in, repeatability is ±.000008 in., and linearity is ±.00004 in. Sample holder types include V blocks, manually rotatable chuck holder, and auto-rotating holder.

Original Press Release:


MT. KISCO, N.Y., Nov. 30, 2001-- Zumbach Electronics Corp. has
introduced BENCHMASTER 30, a bench-type diameter measurement package for off-line sampling of diameters of a wide range of products. Typical applications include bare or insulated wire, metal or plastic tubing, drawn or ground rod and shafts and many other transparent and opaque products. The BENCHMASTER 30 system combines the compact USYS 10 processor with a precision non-contact ODAC® 30 laser scanner and a sample holder. The system provides printer outputs and has a networking capability. The Zumbach diameter gauging technology is widely recognized for accuracy and reliability. Specifications for BENCHMASTER 30 are: Total range .008 . 1.12 in. (0,2-28 mm) Repeatability +/- .000008 in. (+/-0.2 mm) and linearity +/- .00004 in. (+/- 1.0 mm) . Three types of sample holders are available including
two ranges of "V" blocks, a manually rotatable chuck holder and an auto-rotating holder for quick, semi-automated measurement of samples.

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