Dialight Achieves FPAL-Certified Supplier Status

Company Passes Rigorous Oil & Gas Industry Supplier Qualification Process

Newmarket, UK - Dialight (LSE: DIA.L), the global leader in LED lighting technology, announced today that the company became a fully registered, FPAL-certified oil & gas industry supplier on 19 April 2012. FPAL, a supplier management services solution provided by the Achilles Group, coordinates thorough evaluations of UK, Dutch and Irish oil & gas industry suppliers, enabling purchasing members to comply with EU Utilities Procurement Directives.

"We're extremely pleased to have achieved FPAL certification," said Dave Richardson, Chief Executive of Dialight EMEAA. "FPAL maintains a list of registered suppliers to make sure buyers are matched with qualified suppliers, so we're proud to be included on their list and look forward to the opportunity to serve additional oil & gas customers as a result."

FPAL, which was established in 1996, is dedicated to providing the perfect supplier for every buyer and carefully evaluates prospective supplier credentials. The organization monitors suppliers on an on-going basis to ensure that buyers have access to the highest quality suppliers available. The organisation is governed by a committee comprising industry professionals.

Dialight provides a range of high-quality LED lighting products designed especially for industrial and hazardous area illumination, including the SafeSite® family of products. Dialight helps customers reduce costs while conserving scarce environmental resources.

For more information, visit www.dialight.com.

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