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Diagnostic Software assesses power transformer condition.

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Oct 18, 2011 - Providing intuitive data displays as well as diagnostic tools, TM View(TM) v4.0 enables comprehensive transformer condition assessment. Program accesses on-line dissolved gas data from Serveron® transformer monitors and automatically populates diagnostic tools, including Rogers Ratios and suite of Duval Triangles. Trending diagnostic indicators turn raw data into information that can deliver immediate insights into power transformer operating condition.

BPL Global, Ltd. - Canonsburg, PA

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BPL Global Releases TM View(TM) 4.0

Press release date: Oct 10, 2011

State of the art diagnostic software for power transformers

PITTSBURGH, -- BPL Global®, Ltd. (BPLG), a smart grid technology company, today announced release of Version 4.0 of our TM View(TM) transformer diagnostic software. Version 4.0 provides intuitive data displays as well as industry leading diagnostic tools, enabling comprehensive transformer condition assessment for better asset management decisions. Accessing on-line dissolved gas data from our Serveron® transformer monitors, the software automatically populates the diagnostic tools, including Rogers Ratios and the suite of Duval Triangles. The breakthrough is in trending diagnostic indicators, thereby turning raw data into information that can deliver new and immediate insights into power transformer operating condition.

Reliable energy flow is paramount and transformers are critical, and some of the costliest, assets in the electrical network. On-line DGA of transformer oil is the most effective indicator of a transformer's overall condition. The TM Series(TM) of transformer monitors measure the levels of dissolved gases in the insulating oil of power transformers. By accurately detecting trace levels of these gases, the monitors assist utilities in achieving the highest levels of safe power transformer operation. Utilities benefit by receiving more timely information on conditions that could lead to catastrophic failure. Continuous oil sampling and superior accuracy by the Serveron TM Series Monitors significantly reduce the likelihood of unplanned outages, lower maintenance costs and defer capital expenditures by extending transformer life. BPLG's Serveron® family of on-line transformer monitors combined with TM View(TM) 4.0 provide electric utilities with the most comprehensive DGA condition assessment available.

"Our electric utility customers around the world are faced with increasing expectations for reliability and power quality," said Dermot O'Leary, Executive VP and General Manager, Substation Solutions for BPLG. "TM View(TM) software allows us to equip our customers with improved diagnostic capability to better protect their massive investment in power transformers through timely identification and resolution of faults."

Earlier this year, BPLG announced the latest addition to the market leading family of transformer monitors, the Serveron Model TM1(TM). It offers a breakthrough price/performance point in on-line DGA. Our innovative technology for the TM1(TM) eliminates membranes, sensor replacement and consumables for a highly reliable monitor with a low cost of ownership. The Serveron® TM8(TM), TM3(TM) and TM1(TM) from BPLG offer electric utilities transformer monitoring solutions across the entire power transformer fleet.

Delivering intelligent grid solutions to many of the largest utilities in the US, Europe and China, BPLG is a leading provider of smart grid technology from substations through customer premises. BPLG's substation solutions include our market leading transformer monitors as well as substation automation. The company's distribution solutions integrate management of distributed energy resources (DER) including managed load, energy storage, renewables and distributed generation.

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BPL Global® (BPLG) provides electric utilities with a suite of smart grid solutions for advanced distribution automation from substations through customer premises. Electrical networks are transforming with a growing array of distributed energy resources (DER) at the edge. The DER Buildout(TM) underway includes managed load, energy storage, renewables and distributed generation. Our solutions collaborate across the grid to enable the DER Buildout, helping utilities increase efficiency and reliability to improve their financial, operational and environmental performance. BPLG combines our experience in applying smart grid solutions with our market-leading technology to successfully serve leading utilities around the world.