Diablo Canyon Switches to Disposable Funnels to Reduce Oil Impurities

Avila Beach, CA. - To reduce foreign material contamination levels in equipment lubrication systems, Diablo Canyon Power Plant has integrated the use of disposable funnels into their equipment maintenance program. Analyses of equipment lubrication systems indicated oil contaminant levels were higher than expected during operation cycles. A review of equipment maintenance practices revealed that most standard funnels used for equipment maintenance contained a degree of foreign material contamination (i.e. dirt, grinding residue, mixed fluids). By switching to Fast Funnel® disposable funnels, it is anticipated that Diablo Canyon will experience a reduction in overall oil contamination by eliminating the pre-contamination that occurs when lubricants are transferred through dirty reusable funnels.

Fast Funnel disposable funnels are made of coated, heavy stock paper and designed to fit a wide variety of openings. They come folded flat in three packs and as a result stay clean prior to use. Intended for one time use only, the used funnel is discarded thereby preventing the accumulation of solid particle contamination or foreign fluid buildup on the funnel's contact surface.

David Efron, Predictive Maintenance Engineer, for Diablo Canyon says. "We go to great lengths at the plant to ensure that equipment lubrication systems operate with the lowest possible contamination levels to minimize bearing surface wear. If we can eliminate a known source of contamination by using this product it would be a big aid in helping to maintain oil purity between maintenance cycles and potentially reducing unplanned maintenance activities.

In addition to the contamination reducing benefits Fast Funnel offers, the product has also proven to be popular with maintenance crews and other craft personnel.

Fast Funnel disposable funnels are distributed by S&S Concepts, Inc. For more information call (847) 434-1560 or log on to www.fastfunnel.com.

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