DFC Pilot Mount Clutches come with bearing mounted plate.

Press Release Summary:

DFC Pilot Mount Clutches are available in DFC-1650 and DFC-2200 models. Units offer static torque of 36,000/66,800 in. lbs, speeds up to 1200 rpm and thermal horsepower dissipation of up to 10 hp. Products feature heat sink capacity of 870,000/ 1,460,000 foot pounds and come with accessories such as eight pulley sizes with 5V or 8V belt grooves. These clutches are equipped with piston and cylinder actuators which are sealed using Viton O-rings and can fit shafts up to 3.375 in.

Original Press Release:

Nexen DFC Pilot Mount Clutches for Foundry Mullers

Nexen Group, Inc., offers two models of DFC Pilot Mount Clutches (DFC-1650 and DFC-2200) for foundry mulling applications. These are self-contained, dual faced, air-engaged friction clutches with a bearing mounted plate (pilot) for mounting pulleys or sprockets. Two sizes fit shafts up to 3.375 inch are designed for shaft-end mounts only. DFC clutches are capable of speeds up to 1200 rpm and thermal horsepower dissipation of up to 10 horsepower. These clutches have a heat sink capacity of 870,000/ 1,460,000 foot pounds. Accessories include eight pulley (sheave) sizes with “5V” or “8V” belt grooves.

The DFC’s simple piston and cylinder actuator is sealed with Viton O-rings for easy servicing provides low maintenance costs when compared to competitive products with large, expensive air bladders. These products are also designed with segmented, non-asbestos, friction facings for easy replacement and free-flow of cooling air. Low inertia friction discs reduce load acceleration times.

DFC Pilot Mount Clutches (models 1650/2200) highlights include:

  • Static torque (at 80 psi): 36,000/66,800 in. lbs.
  • Maximum speed: 1200/900 RPM
  • Effective facing area: 227 in² /330 in²
  • Peak input rate: 204/297 HP
  • Viton Seals

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