Devices combine ESD protection and EMI filtering.

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Housed in 0.6 mm high SOT883 package with 1.0 x 0.6 mm footprint, Model EMIF01-1003M3 is designed for single-line applications. Dual-channel Model EMIF02-1003M6 comes in 1.0 x 1.45 mm Micro QFN package with mounted height of 0.55 mm. Both devices achieve 15 kV air discharge and 8 kV contact discharge, in accordance with IEC61000-4-2 specification. When subjected to 15 kV ESD strike, Model EMIF01 delivers 9 V clamping voltage and Model EMIF02 provides 17 V.

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STMicroelectronics Combines ESD Protection and EMI Filtering in Industry's Smallest Packages

EMIF01 and EMIF02 deliver small footprint and best-in-class performance for single- and dual-line applications

Geneva, February 7, 2008 - STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a leader in protection circuits for wireless, digital consumer, and industrial applications, today announced new devices that combine EMI filtering and ESD protection in a single ultra-compact package, enabling system designers to implement both functions within a footprint of 0.6mm2. Until now, the smallest available components have required this much board space for ESD protection alone.

Two new devices have been announced, meeting IEC61000-4-2 level 4 for ESD protection and also having low line-to-ground capacitance of 30pF to preserve high-speed signal integrity. Filter characteristics include high attenuation in the GSM band, enabling enhanced performance when protecting the keypad, side keys, external connectors or data lines in smart phones, PDAs, portable computers, PC peripherals and M2M communication modules.

The smallest component introduced is the EMIF01-1003M3 for single-line applications. Its 0.6mm-high SOT883 package matches the 1.0 x 0.6mm footprint of the smallest alternative devices, which provide ESD protection only. This new product eliminates the need for a separate filter, reducing PCB area by at least 55% for a typical 23-key keyboard application.

The EMIF02-1003M6 is a two-channel device in a 1.0 x 1.45mm Micro QFN 6-lead package, and is at least 45% smaller than competitive devices that combine protection and filtering. The low mounted height of 0.55mm further enhances low-profile design in advanced consumer products.

In addition to saving board space and simplifying layout, integrating protection and filtering functions into these two new devices also reduces assembly time and component-mounting costs while improving product reliability.

Both devices achieve 15kV air discharge and 8kV contact discharge, in accordance with the IEC61000-4-2 specification. Clamping performance is also robust thanks to the internal Pi-protection structure, with 9V clamping voltage for the EMIF01 and 17V for the EMIF02, when subjected to a 15kV ESD strike. This performance is necessary to protect leading-edge products built from using sensitive CMOS circuits using deep sub-micron process geometries. Low series resistance of 100 Ohms and leakage current of 100nA also minimize energy losses during normal circuit operation.

The EMIF01-1003M3 and EMIF02-1003M6 are available now, in units of 100,000 upwards, at a price of $0.09 and $0.15, respectively.

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