Device Technologies, Inc. Launches NEW Spring-Fast® Tools and Kit to Facilitate the Fit of FAA Approved Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging

Washington DC, - Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi) announced today at the Annual Aircraft Electronics Association convention ( ) new tool offerings for improved and expanded application opportunities of the FAA Approved and IFE Standard per ARINC 628, p5, Spring-Fast grommet edging technology, an industry accepted grommet edging material that simply locks on with finger pressure in seconds, eliminating solvents, adhesives, ancillary materials and volatile organic compound (VOCs) associated with classic Nylon grommet strips, thereby reducing Hazmat handling costs and improving worker safety.


In order to fit the grommet correctly, the new GO/NO-GO gauge provides quick sheet metal thickness identification and fast Spring-Fast grommet selection, covering application sheet thickness ranges from 0.020" to .0250". A lightweight gauge tool fits into any tool kit and can be fastened via a chain or other tie to retain as part of the grommet install activity.

The new CASTLE REMOVAL TOOL provides quick removal of individual castles when edge clearance issues develop. Within aircraft and avionics applications there are numerous "wire harness P Clamp standoff posts and related nut plates" that are proximate to and encroach on the peripheral edge of lightening holes and related panel structure where wires and harnesses are routed. The edges require a protective grommet strip. If a few "castles" can be removed from one side of the cushion grommet material, then the grommet can be properly 'seated' on the hole edge without sacrificing wire protection and retention performance. Historically, this has been the approach to accommodate the 'legs ' of the nylon grommet strips and, as such, this new Spring-Fast tool now presents a similar and valuable lower installed cost solution.

Our new Go/No-Go gauge and Castle Removal Shears provide the grommet install technician a great deal of flexibility to optimize the wire protection in the aircraft, doing so in a matter of seconds per hole vs. minutes per the adhesive bonded Nylon material, thereby reducing AOG and improving productivity! These tools along with the Cut-Off Shears and Roller Installation tool are all readily packaged in our new production tool and related Shadowbox kit for our Mil Spec NAS M22529/2 Wire Protection Grommet Edging. Combined with the aircraft industry's increased demand for various avionics upgrades and modifications for both general aviation, commercial, as well as tactical aircraft platforms on various fixed wing and rotor aircraft either in new OEM production and or via maintenance and repair shops, the Shadowbox kit allows for simple tool control on each and every installation and modification program.

EDMO and other major Spring-Fast Mil Spec and FAA Approved material franchised DTi's distributors will inventory these tools and new tool kit to meet the service needs of the existing aircraft structure.

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