Device Modules simplify integration of 3rd party equipment.

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Field Device Systems Integrator Modules are field-mounted units offered in simplex or redundant configurations for Ethernet and Serial field devices. Software drivers for 3rd-party devices such as OPC, Modbus, and ControlLogix are downloaded into modules for seamless integration of devices into I/A Series system database and control strategies. Modules communicate with controllers via 100 Mbps/1 Gbps field network. Each supports up to 64 devices and 2,000 DCI points.

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New Device Integrators from Foxboro Further Simplify and Reduce the Cost of Integrating Third-Party Equipment into the I/A Series Automation System

Rugged, low-cost field-mounted integrator modules utilize downloadable software drivers for OPC, Modbus, ControlLogix, and other devices

FOXBORO, MASSACHUSETTS - October 13, 2003 - Foxboro Automation Systems, a unit of Invensys, has introduced new Field Device Systems Integrator (FDSI) modules for Invensys' flagship automation platform - the I/A Series system. The new, low-cost, field-mounted device integrators are available in either simplex or high-availability redundant configurations for both Ethernet- and Serial (RS232/422/485) field devices. The appropriate software drivers for the third-party devices (OPC, Modbus, ControlLogix, etc.) are simply downloaded into these device integrators to provide seamless integration of the devices into the I/A Series system database and control strategies. Additional device drivers can be created, as needed, utilizing an easy-to-use driver development kit.

"One of the hallmarks of the I/A Series system has always been the ease with which we enable other company's automation products to be integrated into the system. However, with these new integrator modules and downloadable device drivers, it's even easier and more cost-effective to do so than ever before," commented Steve Young, vice president of Foxboro Automation Systems at Invensys.

The rugged, compact FDSI modules mount in standard, field-mounted I/A Series baseplates - side-by-side with system Fieldbus (I/O) Modules - and communicate with the system controllers via Foxboro's high-performance (100 Mbps/1Gbps), ultra-high-availability field network. Each FDSI module can support up to 64 devices and 2,000 DCI points.

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