Despatch Industries Is Firing Furnace of Choice for Solar Paste Manufacturers

Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A. - Despatch Industries, a leading process technology provider for the solar industry, holds the number one market share of firing furnaces in the solar industry and is the supplier of choice among the industry's top paste companies. Paste manufacturers use Despatch's firing furnace to run performance tests on new paste formulations and to find optimal settings on the furnace that capitalize on the capabilities of existing pastes. Paste companies also use the firing furnace to test different equipment conditions and production scenarios and the resulting paste reactions.

It is important for paste companies to utilize firing furnaces that replicate actual customer production furnaces. Solar cell manufacturing companies choose Despatch's firing furnace more than any other to run in their production lines. As such, paste companies also choose Despatch so that profiles and process parameters can be easily transferred from testing equipment directly to the customer's production line.

"The firing furnace is a critical piece of equipment to paste manufacturers," states Steve Kim, Despatch Business Development. "Instead of adjusting paste formulations to best fit different emitter profiles, paste manufacturers can adjust the parameters and settings on the firing furnace to achieve the best possible results. Adjusting the equipment is often less time consuming and more cost effective than altering paste chemical formulations."

Despatch has shipped over 8GW of firing furnace production capacity worldwide. The company's firing furnace is known for providing the highest up-time, highest yields and lowest cost of ownership. Despatch's technology is the industry standard with profile flexibility for development of new processes and materials.

Despatch Industries partners with solar industry leaders to provide the process technology expertise for integrated solutions that make solar power a viable and affordable energy option. Despatch is consistently recognized for exceptional performance and process quality, optimal cell efficiency, maximum equipment uptime and reduced operating costs.

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