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Press Release Summary:

Sleuthhound! v.4.6 desktop search software for local systems features built-in index/search server with plug-in support for most verbal file types. Built-in analyzer rates result relevance against input phrase and is capable of search by file extension. It supports Boolean operators, file type filters, truncated words with wildcards, phrase search, file, date, and name filters.

Original Press Release:

The Sleuthhound! Desktop Search Brings the Power of Web Search to Your Desktop!

iSleuthHound Technologies introduces an improved version of their celebrated The Sleuthhound! Desktop Search, a search tool for local systems. The state-of-the-art indexing technology deployed in The Sleuthhound! v.4.6 provides the user with extended functionality. You will be amazed at the riches of information that you had at your fingertips and yet unavailable. Don't bother about extensions, folders and dates. The only thing The Sleuthhound! wants from you is a word. Most options of a web search are also embedded into The Sleuthhound! search engine. The program supports Boolean operators, file type filters, truncated words with wildcards, phrase search, file, date and name filters and other advanced features.

The host of plug-ins provides support for most file types that can contain verbal information. It now embraces most text formats, email messages and HTMLs, multimedia files, web browser histories, bookmarks and favourites. The supported files are scanned whether archived or attached to email messages. If a particular extension is chosen for a search, archives and attachments will be scanned for this extension only, making the already fast search instantaneous. iSleuthHound Technologies constantly works on new plug-ins so that your search engine can provide support for ever increasing range of applications.

The miraculous speed of The Sleuthhound! derives from a unique indexing technology. The built-in index/search server browses through your search zones and makes file inventory in its database. First inventory will be made after the start wizard leads you into the program. Later The Sleuthhound! will be updating the index database either at the system start or when the system is idle. You can balance the system workload so that indexing doesn't interfere into the system performance.

"Since we launched The Sleuthhound! Desktop Search in 1999 huge work has been done to improve it and extend its functionality," says Dan Walker, CEO of iSleuthHound Technologies. "The latest version has a number of new advanced features. It allows, for instance, sorting the results by relevance. The built-in analyser will rate the relevance of search results against the input phrase. You can start searching for highlighted words with a hot key from any application. Several improvements were made in search zones indexing. As the volume of information grows The Sleuthhound! search engine evolves to supply the user with most advanced search options."

Most improvements into The Sleuthhound! Desktop Search were brought about by the feedback from users. iSleuthHound Technologies appreciates users' participation in the development process and looks forward to their involvement. Here are some of feedback mails from The Sleuthhound! users:

"A great tool for managing data! It saves a lot of time and doesn't eat into system resources. It is just what you need when it comes to finding things on your desktop," Nigel Grant, Canada. "I've never realised that something as effective as web search you can use on the local hard disk." Jane Paige, USA.

The Sleuthhound! Desktop Search v.4.6 Features at a Glance

Support for multiple search zones;

Search zone updates at prescheduled time and when system is idle;

Support for Microsoft Office files, Acrobat PDFs, email, attachments, archives Zip and Rar, all popular music, picture, and video formats, web browser history, and Favorites;

Support for Boolean operators, exact phrase search, file type, name and date filters;

Search results sort by date, size, location, relevance, sender and addressee (for emails) etc.;

Allows scrolling through the context with highlighted search words;

Hot key from any application.

Availability and Pricing

The Sleuthhound! Desktop Search runs under Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP platforms and costs 20 USD for a standard edition, 29.95 USD for an extended Pro edition and 74.95 USD for a Pro power pack with all available plug-ins. Free technical support is extended to all registered users. A trial version is available for download free of charge at

About iSleuthHound Technologies

iSleuthHound Technologies specialises in advanced indexing and searching technologies. The company also designs complex Search Systems for the Internet and Intranet access to databases. Our flagship product The Sleuthhound! Desktop Search has won numerous awards and is deployed in corporate and personal systems world-wide.

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