Design Kit facilitates digital color camera development.

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Design Support Kit (DSK) AVF-51 facilitates development of digital color cameras using Foveon FO18-50-F19 X3 4.5 MP direct image sensor. It supports digital control of all setup voltages, direct access to all sensor setup and control registers, and operation of sensor in still and real-time modes. It also supports image-data post processing with 30-bit digital color output. Complete development package also includes removable visible pass filter and C-mount lens.

Original Press Release:

Design Platform for Foveon X3® 4.5 MP Direct Image Sensor Camera Development

June 21, 2004, Los Altos, CA - Alternative Vision Corporation introduced today the AVF-51 Design Support Kit (DSK) to facilitate rapid development of digital color cameras using the Foveon FO18-50-F19 X3 4.5 MP direct image sensor. The AVF-51 DSK provides full support for the sensor including:

o Digital control of all setup voltages

o Direct access to all sensor setup and control registers

o Operation of the sensor in all still and real-time modes

o Image data post processing with 30-bit digital color output

The AVF-51 DSK is a complete development package with a sensor, a removable visible pass filter, and support electronics for control and real-time post processing packaged in a compact enclosure. The AVF-51 DSK provides easy access to all sensor signals and intermediate processing results to help camera designers find optimum operating conditions for each application with minimum breadboarding. The AVF-51 DSK includes ten full-specification sensors and a suite of control and acquisition software. A computer with the required configuration and compatible CameraLink framegrabber can be supplied either by Alternative Vision or the user. Also supplied with the AVF-51 DSK are a universal DC adapter, a high-quality C-mount lens, a documentation set and cables. Alternative Vision can also supply installation, training and design support for users who need them. The AVF-51 DSK base system is priced at $20,000. Delivery is 4-6 weeks ARO. Computers, support services and other accessories are available by quotation.

About HanVision
HanVision Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures high-performance cameras and image processing equipment from its location in the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), in Daejeon, Korea. Past programs have included high-performance multi-spectral cameras for satellites, radiation-hardened cameras for nuclear facility monitoring and digital video recorders for instrumentation. In additional to supplying commercial products worldwide, HanVision provides consulting and custom designs services to large corporations and governments in Korea. HanVision is privately held. For further details, see

About Foveon
Foveon Inc. develops and produces the world's most advanced color image sensors. The company's patented Foveon X3® direct image sensor uses three layers of pixels to produce images of stunning fidelity. The use of layers in the X3 image sensor allows a stack of red, green, and blue pixels to utilize the same silicon space as a single pixel in conventional CCD and CMOS sensors. This optimized design makes Foveon X3 direct image sensors the most cost-effective and highest-quality image sensors available. Foveon pioneered the design of the direct image sensor by developing innovative technologies in the fields of semiconductor manufacturing, integrated circuit design, and image processing. Investors include: National Semiconductor Inc., Synaptics Inc., New Enterprise Associates, and Franklin Templeton Investments. Founded in 1997, Foveon is a privately held company. For further details, see About Alternative Vision Corporation Alternative Vision Corporation (AVC) provides marketing, distribution, applications engineering, development tools, field support and other value-added services for manufacturers of high-performance image components. AVC handles HanVision products worldwide outside Asia and supplies Foveon sensors to camera manufacturers in industrial, scientific, medical, aerospace and other non-consumer markets worldwide. AVC is privately held. For further details see

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