Desiccant Cabinets offer closed loop regeneration.

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Exceed challenges of IPC J-STS-033B.1 for handling of Moisture Sensitive Devices, MSD 1200 Series incorporates modular enclosure and dry unit with closed-loop, on-demand regeneration. Integrated U5001 Dynamic Series Zeolite dryers deliver dehumidification capabilities that enable basic MSD1212 to take 240 sec to move from 50% RH to less than 5% under unloaded conditions at 25°C. Additionally, units regenerate only when necessary and take less than 10 min to do so.

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Super Dry Launches the First Closed Loop Desiccant Regeneration for MSDs

MSD handling specialist and global manufacturer of ultra low humidity drying and storage cabinets Super DryR by Totech ( has introduced an innovative, scalable new design offering closed loop desiccant regeneration.

Designed to exceed the formidable challenges associated with IPC J-STS-033B.1 for handling of Moisture Sensitive devices, the new MSD 1200 Series desiccant cabinets offer a host of unique design features. These include a modular enclosure offering access from two sides that can be expanded to meet growing production and a powerful new dry unit with closed loop on-demand regeneration.

The U5001 "Dynamic Series" Zeolite dryers feature powerful dehumidification, enabling a basic MSD1212 to take only 240 seconds to move from 50%RH to less than 5% under unloaded conditions at 25°C. Optimal humidity levels are below 0.5%RH. In addition, these units have been designed to regenerate only when necessary. If there are no door openings the dry unit will not regenerate and therefore consume less power. If frequent access to the cabinet is required, the dry unit will automatically regenerate more often, and the new high efficiency regeneration process takes less than 10 minutes. The integrated cabinet and dry unit design guarantees a quiet and maintenance- free operation in addition to automatic desiccant regeneration. Average power consumption is only 30 Watt per hour, including a radial fan that delivers gentle circulation and a well balanced internal atmosphere.

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About Totech Super DryR
Delivering globally to the world's top tier OEM and EMS companies, and manufacturing in Asia and in Europe, Totech Super Dry has become the industry measure for ultra low humidity storage cabinets. Proper control of moisture sensitive devices (MSDs) per IPC and JEDEC standards has become more critical than ever since the introduction of lead free and its higher reflow temperatures. Boasting <1% relative humidity control and the fastest recovery times, Super Dry cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, all with certified performance control measures.

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