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Desi-Vac(TM) Containers

Plastic container with a vacuum pump is ideal for drying, preserving, storing and even shipping samples. Vacuum pump built into the top removes air with manual strokes. Rubber O-ring-sealed cover maintains vacuum. Achieves a vacuum of better than 200 inches of water (15 inches of mercury). A release button on top allows air into the container to remove the lid. Sample Humidity Sponges(TM) desiccant drying packets are included with the larger, rectangular containers.

Keep your powder dry

Ideal for storing chemicals, powders, tissues, plant sections, electronics and weighing samples. Vacuum and desiccants keep material dry. The larger, rectangular containers are supplied with a vacuum indicating button that confirms interior vacuum and a dial hygrometer that displays 0 to 100% relative humidity with a resolution of 2% RH.

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