Desalitech to Supply Advanced Wastewater Recovery System to Mid American Steel and Wire

Desalitech CCD System to recycle process water will reduce wastewater costs, environmental impact

BOSTON – Desalitech, a provider of high-efficiency water production and treatment solutions, announced today that it will supply an advanced wastewater recovery system to Mid American Steel and Wire, a leading supplier in the wire and rod industry. The Desalitech system, which will recycle up to 60,000 gallons per day of wastewater for reuse in the rod mill at the Madill, Oklahoma facility.  This system will reduce both the disposal costs and environmental impact of the operations at the mill. The integrated treatment solution will include pretreatment steps for removing contaminants and debris followed by reverse osmosis purification and is uniquely capable of achieving high recovery from a challenging wastewater created by steel manufacturing.

Water used in the cooling process of steel manufacturing becomes contaminated and must be recycled or disposed. Although Mid American has always recycled a substantial portion of process water to minimize the impact on the environment, it is necessary to purge water from their recycle tank on a daily basis to maintain proper chemistry in the facility process water loop. Historically, wastewater has been hauled away for disposal at a significant cost. The Desalitech system will treat the wastewater inside of the facility with the highest possible efficiency to maximize the yield of valuable recycled water, ensure its purity, reduce plant discharges and associated costs, and minimize environmental impact. Additionally, the recycled water will now have a constant quality that will aid in maintaining consistency within the operation of the rod mill.  Improved yield is expected as excess scale can be avoided with a more consistent water quality.

Desalitech's Closed Circuit Desalination (CCD™) solutions reliably extract purified water from challenging and varying sources at high recovery rates with minimal energy consumption. Ideal for industrial water and effluent treatment, agricultural water supply and inland brackish desalination, CCD reverse osmosis (RO) systems produce as little as 1/3 the amount of waste as conventional RO systems in installations around the globe. The Mid American system will operate at up to 93% recovery, concentrating the plant's purge stream by a factor of 14 and dramatically decreasing the volume of wastewater produced by the facility.

"Hauling wastewater for disposal by truck is a major cost center, and Mid American sought a solution that would reduce those costs through higher recovery. Desalitech system's return on investment will pay for itself within two months while improving the quality of water in the plant's recycle loop," said Mark Littrell, manager of the Mid American Steel plant. "The value proposition is compelling, not only because of reduced costs but also because less waste reduces environmental impact."

In addition to high recovery, Desalitech water and wastewater treatment systems offer inherently low energy consumption. In contrast, a conventional RO system would consume considerably more energy, would have less flexibility, and be more likely to be limited in recovery due to scaling. Desalitech systems are also more reliable, resisting membrane fouling and scaling, and reducing the effort and costs associated with operation and maintenance.

"Wastewater disposal is a sunk cost for industry and manufacturing, and our CCD solutions enable higher water use efficiency to reduce the costs associated with treating industrial wastewater while providing high-quality purified water for beneficial reuse," said Nadav Efraty, Desalitech CEO. "CCD solutions are ideal for any industrial or municipal process that creates a wastewater stream, and we are excited that our products will reflect positively on Mid American's bottom line."

About Desalitech

Desalitech provides resource and cost efficient water production and effluent treatment solutions. Its patented next-generation CCD™ process is a proven, highly flexible and low energy water treatment platform that represents the first major improvement in RO water treatment in decades. CCD systems lower costs by 20 to 60 percent by increasing water-use efficiency, reducing energy consumption, increasing flexibility and reliability and greatly reducing the emission of brine waste. With their unique capability of extracting purified water from challenging sources at high recovery rates, CCD products are ideal for industrial water and effluent treatment, agricultural water supply and inland brackish desalination.

About Mid American Steel & Wire

The Moore family began in the steel and wire industry in the early 1960's by owning and operating Seymour Manufacturing in Seymour, Iowa. With expansion into wire panels, farm gates and grain stirring equipment, the company expanded further into Farm Equipment Manufacturing Company, which eventually became what is now Iowa Steel and Wire.

In 1979, B. L. Moore and his brother-in-law, Robert Lockridge, founded Oklahoma Steel and Wire located in Madill, Oklahoma, with the sole purpose of manufacturing livestock panels. Both companies shared in steady expansion and soon included a comprehensive product line to agricultural and industrial markets. Today these two facilities produce in excess of 200,000 tons of steel per year and employ more than 400 people.

Market demand created the need for a rod source to assure both companies a sufficient, reliable supply of steel rods to meet their expanding market. In 2004, Mid American Steel and Wire, in Madill, Oklahoma, was established, employing 100 additional employees. In 2010 to keep pace in an ever changing steel market, construction of a melt shop division was completed and production started.

Mid American Steel and Wire quickly became a leader in the industry. With the same commitment to quality, service and loyal partnership as her sister companies, Mid American Steel and Wire is ensuring a top place in the industry today and for years to come.

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