Depth-Measuring Microscope has color viewing system.

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Portable Model ZDM combines Model ZDM-1 depth measuring microscope with Model TMCVS color LCD monitor, 1/3 chip camera and video adapter. System directly connects to video recorder, computer, color printer or terminal for permanent record keeping. Applications include depth measurements of lead wire bondings, solder lead heights, cracks, engraving depths of plastic molds, depth grooves of computer discs, and scoring depths on metal products.

Original Press Release:

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. Announces The Introduction Of A New Low-Cost Depth-Measuring Microscope With Miniature Color Viewing System

February 2002 - A new low-cost depth measuring microscope with miniature color video viewing system is introduced by Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, NY. According to the company, the new system can be directly connected to any video recorder, computer, color printer or other terminal for permanent record keeping.

The company states that the new system combines Titan's Model ZDM-1 depth measuring microscope with the Model TMCVS color LCD 4" x 2 1/2" monitor, 1/3 chip camera and video adapter to provide a low-cost, depth-measuring microscope that offers unsurpassed flexibility, speed and accuracy with full video scope capability. The Z axis vertical measuring displacement microscope is designed to measure minute variations in height which are difficult to measure by normal mechanical methods. Titan states that the Model ZDM has found many applications in the electronics industry, including the depth measurements of lead wire bondings, wafer bump height, and lead frame and solder lead heights on printed circuit boards. Uses in other industrial applications include the depth measurement of minute cracks, the engraving depths of printing rolls and plastic molds, the depth grooves of phonograph records and computer discs, and scoring depths on metal products such as beverage cans.

The Model ZDM is said to rely on a high magnification microscope of 100, 200 or 400X with a very shallow depth of field. The desired accuracy of the depth measurement determines the magnification used. Optional fiber optic illumination allows the user to focus on either the top or bottom of the part being analyzed. The addition of an indicator with .0001" divisions, provides accurate displacement readings between the top and bottom focus adjustments.

Since the new system is completely portable, it can be moved and placed over the workpiece to be measured. This is especially advantageous in situations where it is not feasible or possible to move the piece to an optical comparator or fixed inspection station. Other features include modular construction that allows the round legs of the sturdy base to be removed easily and a unique microscope body that can be rotated along with the digital micrometer a full 3600 around the support post.

The accompanying TMCVS video viewing system weighs 18 ounces and sits directly on the Model ZDM-1 optical tube, allowing for easy viewing and all the advantages of video without the use of a microscope eyepiece. Titan reports that the video adapter, which can be used independently of the reticle, features crosshairs on the vertical and horizontal axis to allow for better viewing, measuring and alignment.

The viewing system monitor features 89,000 pixels for high resolution and sits on a ball swivel joint and can rotate 90 deg vertically and 15 deg horizontally for easy positioning. The CCD color camera has 450 line scanner resolution, an automatic white balance and iris feature and fine adjustment focusing for easy, sharp video image capturing. Titan claims the camera is capable of 410 pixel display with a single chip and 450 TV lines when combined with NTSC color format. The camera also features a minimal illumination of 2 lux.

For information on the new depth measuring microscope with miniature video viewing system, contact Titan Tool Supply, Inc., P.O. Box 569, Buffalo, NY 14207-0569. Phone: 716-873-9907, Fax: 716-873-9998. E-mail: Website:

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