Depaneling Vision System performs multiple tasks.

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Vision system on depaneling platforms provides for consistent, accurate routing and is capable of performing fiducial recognition, edge recognition, panel and board verification, and automatic product program selection. System uses software engine and frame grabber for camera image processing and compensates for different environmental effects with adjustable lighting. Programming interface allows for setup and modification of all features.

Original Press Release:

Cencorp Depaneling Vision System

LONGMONT, CO - Cencorp, a division of PMJ automec, offers a superior vision system on their complete line of depaneling platforms for consistent and accurate routing. The Cencorp Vision System is capable of performing fiducial recognition, edge recognition, panel and board verification and automatic product program selection.

Fiducial Recognition: Before routing begins, the vision system locates known fiducial marks on the multi-up PCB panel. The routing program is then corrected with an X,Y offset and rotation to match the detected actual location of the PCB panel, producing a consistently accurate result. System can effectively detect a wide variety of fiducial marks.

Edge Recognition: Before moving the router bit to the start of a cut, the vision system locates a known edge on the panel. Based on the actual location and angle of this edge compared to the taught ideal edge, the system can apply a correction to the router bit target position. This feature is useful when routing cuts must align with other panel features, such as pre-routed edges, with high accuracy. Normally this can be solved by using Fiducial Recognition, but in some cases fiducial marks are not sufficient and more advanced Edge Recognition must be used.

Panel and Board Verification: The vision system detects known features, such as holes or marks, on the board and marks the panel or board "defective" based on detection results. This allows for automatic special handling of defective panels or boards for possible rework or other purposes.

Automatic Product Program Selection: The vision system automatically identifies each new PCB panel and selects the correct routing program. The identification algorithm uses taught features (such as components, holes or marks) of each known panel to find the correct match. This completely eliminates the possibility of manually selecting the wrong program.

Cencorp Vision System uses a commercially proven software engine and a high quality frame grabber for fast and reliable camera image processing. The system can compensate for different environmental effects with adjustable lighting which has been designed specifically for Cencorp machines. Easy to use programming interface allows for quick setup and modification of all these features.

About Cencorp
Cencorp, LLC designs and manufactures high-quality post-assembly routing systems, with more than 25 years of experience in leading-edge automated applications for the surface mount and high density interconnect industries. Cencorp offers a complete line of flexible, accurate, and gentle stand-alone and in-line depaneling systems, including the TR1000, TR2100/2101/2400, SR1200, TR5000, and DATUM Series.

Headquarters is located in Longmont, Colorado, USA, with sales and service affiliates located throughout the Americas and Europe. Cencorp is a subsidiary of PMJ automec Oyj.

Cencorp is located at 410 South Sunset Street, Suite A, Longmont, CO 80501
Tel: (303) 702-0081; Fax: (303) 702-1270; Web:

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